DoorDash: How it Works, a Guide on How to Use The Mobile App

You may have noticed or seen an advertisement on your phone that keeps you wondering or asking the question of what a DoorDash is and how it works?

If you do not want to stress yourself in cooking or preparing food for everyone, DoorDash is an excellent choice as it reliefs you of the stress.

Moreover, if you have in mind to try a new food menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, DoorDash is an excellent app to discover and locate your next favorite restaurant.

However, if you just discovered this app newly, understanding how DoorDash work will be a bit confusing, and the numerous choices will be so much for you to make at once.

DoorDash is an easy tool for many of its customers and drivers. If you want to know more about DoorDash and how it works, well, this article provides for you a guide all you want to know.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a popular and most used food delivery services and app in this present time. In understanding the uses of this amazing app, let me give you basic information on the DoorDash App.

It was established in San Francisco, California, in 2013, DoorDash was found by four students from Stanford University, the students names are: Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore.

At first, they had a survey on what a mobile app design for small businesses should look like. It was at this time that a business owner shared with them the problems small business encounters in meeting the demands of their costumers.

It was first introduced as in January 2013, and in June of the same year, it was renamed DoorDash.

Starting with an initial investment of $120,000, DoorDash grew very fast and by 2019, it had become the biggest food delivery service.

Presently, the platform has over 450,000 sellers and a customer base of 20,000,000.DoorDash operates across many states like Washington, D.C., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Germany.

What is the Cost of DoorDash?

To use the DoorDash app, you do not have to pay as this app is free, unless you choose to upgrade to the DashPass subscription service.

However, customers have to pay for the amount of food they order with the extra fees and tips. Some other restaurants have tried to maintain permanent prices on both in-person and outdoor delivery on DoorDash menus.

Some customers, may have to pay a little more when they place an order through the app. Generally, most restaurants maintain the same prices whether you order in person or make use of the mobile app.

Regarding the payment, every order you make includes a delivery fee and a service fee. The delivery fees can be different based on factors like the restaurant, demand, and location you place the order from.

However, the delivery fee can sometimes be excluded, so the customer does not have to pay. In some cases, the fees will be minimal. The service fee can be from as low as $0.60 or more depending on the total.

More on How Much DoorDash Cost

Furthermore, there are local fees, such as a regulatory response fee. In this case, local authorities reduce charges, and DoorDash includes a fee to keep providing the service.

These prices can be from $0.10 to $3.40. Apart from the fees, customers can also include a tip that is a gift to the delivery driver.

This tips can start from 15% to 20% of the sub-total, or you can enter a customer amount. You also have the option to add another tip after delivery.

Additionally, if you wish to have an upgrade on your DoorDash, it will be the paid version which is DashPass. The services on DoorPass, costs about $99 every month.

With this subscription, you can enjoy limitless deliveries from reliable restaurants without any extra on delivery fee. However, if you place orders more frequently, it will help you save money on delivery fees.

How DoorDash Works?

You can make use of DoorDash on your computer or a mobile phone app.

DoorDash, gives customers the option to place orders from nearby restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc,.

Independent contractors, usually known as DoorDash drivers, collect the orders and deliver them to the customers wherever they wish.

To use of this app, you have to create an account with your name, address, and payment details. This account stores your information locally and and helps in keeping track of previous orders.

It also enables you as a customer to save the contact of your preferred restaurants and stores for quick access in future.

Furthermore, you can leave delivery instructions, like specifying the place you want your food to be delivered, provide a code for an apartment complex entrance, or requesting a hand-off.

Every driver on DoorDash is an independent contractor who applies to work with the company. They make use of their personal vehicles and use a different App to accept and complete deliveries to customers.

These drivers only take on deliveries when they are available to work, so you will not get notifications in the middle of the night unless you choose to.

To increase your pay, it is advisable to deliver during busy periods such as lunchtime and dinner hours. Drivers receive a pay ranging from $2 to $10, in addition to 100% of the tips they make from each delivery.

How to Place an Order on DoorDash

Placing an order on DoorDash is simple and quite easy. To place an order, on your mobile phone or any smart device of your choice, simply open the website or download the mobile app.

The main page shows you different types of food, stores you have on your list, cheap delivery choices, and famous restaurants. You can also locate restaurants using the search feature on the App.

Thereafter, you can go on to add items from the menu to your cart. Now, if you have previously placed an order from the restaurant, you can easily include your previous selections without having to browse the menu again.

If you want to cut down the price on delivery, you have the option to switch the order by going to pick it up in person at the restaurant.

The store will get your order ready and keep it aside for you to collect. This is a convenient choice if you are already outside and want to bring dinner home, like after work or a night out with friends.

Should You Use DoorDash?

Absolutely, the App is easy and very simple to use. Now that you have a clear understanding on how DoorDash works, you may as well have doubts, as wether it is needful to have an account.

If you want to compare meal delivery services and are wondering how cheap DoorDash is worth, well worry no more because it ranks as one of the best now.

Choosing to use this delivery service is definitely worth the while and money, if you really wish to employ the services of a reliable food delivery service.

The app and the website are easy to use for searching restaurants, exploring menus, and placing your orders.

DoorDash displays its fees and the total cost, so you can decide whether or not you want to patronize them. In good way too, you can always track your order’s progress, which gives you confidence in knowing exactly when it will arrive.

The company also takes part in its outstanding customer service. If there is an issue with your order such as non-delivery, wrong items, or significant delays you can easily contact customer service for help.

Typically, they provide a refund either to your credit card or as a credit on your DoorDash account. On the order hand, you can have the meal reordered at no additional cost.

Furthermore, you can always get great value for your money. While fees might not be everyone’s favorite choice, compared to other food delivery apps, DoorDash is more budget-friendly.


DoorDash offers exceptional service and a wide variety of restaurant choices.
It is a great option if you are seeking a comfortable meal without cooking or you are planning lunch for a many people or group.

This process can save you time, especially on busy days, and it is particularly helpful for advance orders.

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