Jumia Food: 5 Ways to Track Your Delivery, Customer Care and How to Cancel an Order

Jumia Food is a website that brings you food from restaurants and delivers it directly to your home. It works in different African countries including Nigeria.

It is one of the many branches of the online delivery tree of a bigger group called Jumia, which began operations in Nigeria in 2012 as a go to place to buy things online.

However, later on, Jumia’s growth brought about many more websites where you can shop for different things, like Jumia Food for getting food wherever you are.

As part of their service upgrades, Jumia Food is doing everything possible to make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

To ensure this, they have set up different ways to help you to get updates on the status of your orders and quickly get answers to your questions.

Furthermore, Jumia Food is making it quite easy for you, to keep track of your Jumia Food delivery and get help from their customer service.

They make proper use of available technology and have a team whose dedication is to serve you better.

In this post, I have five simple ways you can make use of to see how your Jumia Food order is doing and to talk to customer service representative to get help.

This way, your experience will be easy and quite enjoyable. Keep reading.

Ways to Track Your Jumia Food Delivery

There are a few ways to follow up on your order from Jumia Food.

You can however, do this by reaching out to Jumia Customer Care Services, through the various channels on social media and on the website.

Keep reading to find out!

Jumia Food Order Confirmation Page

When you download the Jumia App, and follow the prompts to place an order, you have to be patient enough to keep track on your orders, especially food.

This is because, once you have placed a food order, you have to stay on the Jumia Food website or app to finish ordering.

However, you will see a page that confirms your order. This page will show you what you have in your order, and may also tell you when your food is expected to arrive.

It is a good idea to keep this page open on your device or take a picture of it for reference purposes.

This way, you can look back at it later if you want to remember what you ordered for or how long it has to take for your food to arrive.

Jumia Food Tracking Link or Code

Recently, due to changes in technology, when you place a food order, you can instantly see exactly where the person is bringing your food from with the help of the Google map.

This is like a virtual map that shows you where the delivery driver is in real-time, just like on a GPS.

To find this map, you should look in the email or app where you got a message confirming your order.

In that email or app, you will find a tracking code or link that you can click.

This link will open up the map and let you watch as the delivery person gets closer to your home with your yummy Jumia food in real time.

However you must have a strong network connection on your mobile phone to view this.

Jumia Order Status Updates

Similarly, when you book a bolt ride, Jumia Food will send you messages through email, SMS, or the app to tell you how your order is doing.

The messages are updates to keep you in alert as to what is happening with your food.

They usually, can tell you when the restaurant is making your order, when the delivery person is on the way to bring it to you, and even when your order is all done and ready to enjoy.

So, you will be in the know of the whole process of what is happening with your meal.

Note also that, these ways to track your order is different depending on your location. It also depends on if Jumia offer home delivery services in your location or you will have to pick up your order when it is ready.

So, it is advisable, to check the app or website and see if they have any options to help you keep an eye on your order.

Jumia Customer Service

To make sure customers are happy with the services they render, Jumia has a team of well-trained customer care agents. It is also another way to keep tab on your order.

As we all know, it is important to have a good team that takes care of the complaints and take notes of areas of improvement for any business.

This is where Jumia Customer Care comes in. They help customers and make sure they have a good experience with Jumia. The customer care services, can also help you if you have any issues in payments for your order and delivery too.

You Can Reach Jumia Customer Care Through The Following Channels

Below are the different cahnnels you can use to get across to a Customer care representative of Jumia.

Jumia Customer Care Number

You can use any of these Jumia Customer Care Numbers to get in touch with them and ask your questions. The numbers are +2341 888 1100, +23412772367, +23412778900 and 0700 600 0000.

They are available on:

  • Mondays – Fridays, 8am-8pm;
  • Saturdays, 9am-5pm;
  • Public Holidays, 9am-5pm.

Jumia Email Address

The official Jumia contact email address is service@jumia.com.ng.

However, when using the e-mail to contact Jumia, try to write out in full details your issue and wait for a response. It takes at least 2 to 3 days to get a response from them, depending on the time of receipt.

Jumia Various Social Media Platforms

Similarly, you can reach out to them by using Jumia’s official social media accounts.

Jumia NG is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even WhatsApp.

While using this medium, avoid including order numbers or payment details until a representative responds to ask for them.

To get started just follow the simple and easy steps below:

  • Simply log into your social media account 
  • Go to the official Jumia Facebook or Twitter page, 
  • Click on the “message” button. 
  • Compose a short message that briefly explains your problem
  • Wait to hear back from a representative.

Jumia Live Chat

Follow the steps below to make use of this medium

  • Visit the Jumia Web or App Portal
  • Log Into Your Account With Your Email and Password 
  • Click on Help From The Top Right Hand corner
  • Click on Live chat  
  • Fill your data including your name and email to start chatting
  • Explain your problem by typing it into the text box and send.

How Do I Find My Jumia Food or Order Number?

It is quite easy and simple, but you must follow the steps I will show you in the list below:

  • Log into your Jumia account
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner
  • Go to Orders in the drop-down menu
  • Click on SEE DETAILS to the right of the item
  • At the top is the Order Number of the product
  • Highlight and Copy the number on display.

How To Cancel Order On Jumia

There are many reasons why you may choose to cancel an order on Jumia.

Let’s say for instance, you have a change of mind about what you ordered or find that the quality or price is not what you expected compared to similar products.

Whatever the reason, it is obvious that you no longer want the product.

Normally, if you want to cancel an order, you can easily go into your account and cancel the order in the order section.

However, sometimes there are a lot of orders, and sometimes computer programs have some difficulties, which can make it hard to cancel an order, well I will help put you through other ways to cancel an order.

Log in to your Jumia account

If you want to cancel an order on Jumia, you need to be someone who has already shopped on Jumia and bought something before. Just simply log in to your Jumia account.

Click on Where Your Name Appears

You will find your name at the right corner of the page. Click on it and scroll to “ORDER”. The order page shows a list of all the items you have bought and also the ones you placed an order for but you are yet to receive.

Thereafter, click on the “CANCEL ITEM” icon on the page. You will get a redirection notice and asked for reasons for cancelling.

Select the reason and click submit. Check your e-mail for cancellation confirmation.


Jumia Food and the many services Jumia offers, show how technology is changing our lives.

Jumia Food has put on a new narrative on how you get your meals, this they do by delivering delicious food right to your homes, making things more convenient.

They make use of different means of transportation to deliver. For example, Cars, buses and even Keke Napep

This is just one way Jumia is using technology to make lives better.

Jumia offers a wide range of services, from shopping online to getting rides and having food delivered. Jumia Food has created jobs and embraces ever-changing digital life.

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