14 Best Mobile Safety Apps to Save Life During Emergency

These are some of the 14 top Recommended Best Mobile Safety Apps to Save Life During Emergency. As an individual, your personal safety is one of the most important things you have to take seriously and personally. You will agree that nobody will secure your life first but you. Its the true reality. Over the years, discoveries shows that several people feel their personal safety and security is not very important until something negative happens to them.

As luck may have it, there are several safety app now available to detect whenever we are in danger. Its called the Google personal safety application, and it can be found on any pixel device. What it does is to helps you to prepare and react in an emergency situation. The application will help people to connect to help and information to save life. For example, the Google Pixel device that comes with an inbuilt personal security application. Choose Your Personal Safety Wisely. However, if you would love to know more about this, read through this article and we will be letting you know all the necessary things you need to know about it.

What is a Google Pixel Device?

According to Wikipedia, a Google Pixel is a brand of consumer electronic devices designed & built by Google that run either Chrome OS (operating system) or the Android operating system.

Helpful features Pixel phones?

People usually ask to know the types of helpful features the Pixel comes with. It is extremely easy to use because it comes with features that are designed to help. Basically, Google Assistant allows you to quickly find answers easily and faster just by asking with your voice. Therefore, when it comes to your popular services like the Gmail, Duo, Meet, and support for apps like Microsoft Office as well as Slack, it requires download of additional apps (or sold separately on app store). It’s all already integrated right in android devices. In addition, mobile phone Call Screen will help you screen unknown callers. It can also assist in robocalls so you can focus on your work while minimizing interruption. You can visit Wikipedia for details.

There are several Pixel devices plus applications. If you own any of Pixel device (Pixel 6a; Pixel 6 Pro; Pixel 6; Pixel 5a 5G; Pixel 5; Pixel 4a 5G; Pixel 4a; Pixel 4 XL; Pixel 4; Pixel 3a XL; Pixel 3a; Pixel 3 XL; Pixel 3;) you should take advantage of the best safety apps. To the best of our knowledge, pixel device users are at more advantage in terms of personal security.

The personal safety app provides you with access to many special features including car crash detection, safety checking, plus crisis detection. The best part of this apps is that it can also help you in situations where you cannot call for help. Over a period of time, there has been several updates which includes app having the ability to record a video during a crisis using the Emergency SOS feature.

Features of personal security mobile application

This Personal security app we are talking about has tons of great features that are useful to everyone. These features will go a long way to help you get out of danger anytime. That being said, we can now take a look at some of these features.

  • Emergency Location sharing: the app can quickly share your location and information with your emergency contacts.
  • Car crash detection: with this app, you can get help calling emergency services after a car accident. For instance, if your car was involved in an accident, the app in your phone can call for help immediately.
  • Personal Safety check: you can set up a check-in-timer for your phone to confirm that you are safe where you are. If you do not respond at a given time, then emergency sharing starts automatically.
  • Emergency info: provide medical information and choose your emergency contacts. This will help doctors and nurses help you you immediately.
  • Emergency SOS: The app is coded on your phone’s home button. When you punch the power button 5 times or more you can get help during emergency.

More importantly, you can get notified about natural disasters & public emergencies in your current location. Whenever there is a crisis alert you will get notified immediately. This will help you find safety.

What does personal safety app do?

The best personal safety apps 2022/2023 has been of great help to people. What the app does is simple. It saves and share your emergency information to your designated contacts when something is about to happen to you. Please note that phones automatically contacting emergency services is currently available in some countries and with certain carriers.

 For instance, when you dial an emergency number on a pixel phone like 911 in the US. You will find an emergency number screen with info and features to help during the emergency.

Is the Personal safety app free?

Smartphones are currently a great advantage to us and it is a great advantage to every aspect of our daily lives. It is one of those ways you can communicate with friends, create photos and make videos whenever you are in danger. However, the safe app is definitely for free for instance, safe me from California is a free app for Android and iOS smartphones. It is a personal security app designed to enhance your security and privacy in different ways.

How to set up the Personal Safety App in Your Mobile Phone

Setting up the bsafe app for example is easy. It is very easy and straight-forward all you have to do is follow the steps below and you are good to go. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is fill in some of your personal information and there you go.

  1. First and foremost, open the safety app in your phone
  2. If you haven’t logged in you will be asked to do so with your Google account
  3. After that, simply tap “Continue”
  4. You will be asked to select emergency contacts.
  5. Tap Add contact and select whoever you want
  6. Then tap Next
  7. Fill out whatever information you want in the Add medical information section including blood type then Tap Done.

However, with this step, you have successfully completed the app setup. The google personal safety app is only available for Pixel phones. You can now share status updates during emergency sharing.

Best Personal Safety Apps

There are now safety apps available for download. With these apps, you can protect yourself during danger or when you sense any danger. Let’s take a look at some of these apps. All these apps are available mostly on android devices. Some are also seen on iPhones.

List of Top Personal Safety Applications

  1. Red Panic Button
  2. Circle of 6
  3. Bsafe
  4. My Safetipin
  5. Kitestring
  6. Watch over me
  7. Life360
  8. Silent Beacon
  9. One Scream
  10. Hollaback
  11. React mobile
  12. SafeTrek
  13. Red Panic Button
  14. First Aid: American Red Cross

Lastly, Personal security is one thing you should not joke with. In most times, it may be a difficult subject to talk about but there is nothing as important as securing yourself first. Download a Personal Mobile Safety Application from Google Play Store or App Store.

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