11 Important Questions to ask App Developers before Hiring Them

This article contains 11 Important Questions to ask App Developers before hiring them to build that iOS or Android app you have created in your mind to grow your business. Just follow the step by step guide provided in this post to locate the best app development team.

Now that you are planning a business startup and/or your business is already running for some time, you will notice that you need to expand your tentacles to reach more customers. As a matter of fact, when you realized that your business requires further improvement with a mobile application, you begin to think about hiring a mobile application developer to bring your ideas into existence. Meanwhile, you can look at some details in Creating Mobile App Specifications | Documentation Project Plan Sample.

Do You know your App Developer?

It is very good to have a steady mobile app developer that will always at your service. But you cannot choose them randomly. Equally, you cannot just walk into them by chance. So how to you get the perfect team of app developers? To get what you want, you have to search for the perfect mobile app developers before you can hire them? You can search them online or meet up with the ones in your region and talk with them physically. This can be a very exhausting process but not to worry. Our team at hybridcloudtech.com is here to show you questions to focus on during your discussion with them so as to get what you want.

This won’t be long, but we will guide you until you find the specialist you need to bring your idea to life. What do you do before Choosing Best App Development Company in Your Region? Finding the perfect team is simple with the following 11 important questions to ask app developers before hiring them.

1. How Experienced are You?

First of all, rephrasing Jimi Hendrix in this case indicates numerous questions, like; “Have you previously worked on similar projects before?” “Which platforms you have already developed apps for?” Are you a freelancer or do you have a team? As an evidence, “May I have a look at some mobile apps’ samples developed by your team?”

Believe me when I tell you that a profound mobile application developer will easily answer these questions without delay. A perfect developer will also be able to show off them work. It shouldn’t take them long to show you their earlier developed applications along with the links to the online stores where people may easily download them.

So how will you know that they are the team that developed the said app? It’s simple. Visit the app store and read the details about the app. You will find the names of the developers in the about section. Check the response to the reviews and questions asked by the user. Be assured that you will find the true developers.

Make sure you always hire mobile app developers with good portfolio (as seen in reviews). To a better extent, hire the ones that have several similar samples of executed projects to your own.

2. May I have the contact of the References for Feedback?

You must ensure to get some feedback from the customers the mobile app developer previously worked for. What if the person you are discussing with is unwilling to provide you those contacts, then you should know that there is a reason to find another developer.

Secondly, when examining the references, it is also very essential for you to ask not only about the mobile app developers’ expertise. You should also ask about their personal qualities, their capability of meeting submission deadlines and their willingness to adhere to your working process.

3. For Offshore Developers; where are you Located and how would we Retain Communication?

Just as I have mentioned above, you may consider hiring a local app developer in your area as well as going online/offshore in order to find the needed expertise and maybe also reduce costs.

Going offshore to hire an app developer can yield either a positive or negative result depending on how you handle it. Therefore, when you hire a mobile application developer from other country for example, you must ensure that proper communication is strongly established. It is important for you to clearly agree upon the time intervals, in which the developer would need to give you an update on the working status.

When scheduling meetings with the developer, you should also consider time zones that is convenient for you. Make sure there is no language barriers so that all the members of the project team can communicate effectively as possible, comfortably and fast.

Do you want to hire more than one developer? Check out our blog post on how to successfully recruit and manage an offshore remote software development team.

4. Will You Provide Further Support for App Updates?

A lot of individuals forget that a completed mobile application will require updates after a period of time. Sometimes, there are some bugs that seems to disturb users and may require update. As your business grows, there might also be new features that may be required to feature in the app. Hence, you should ask your potential developer whether they will be able to maintain the app for you in the near future.

5. Will You Submit My App to the Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

This section is very vital. Getting an app developed is one thing, having the app approved on the app store is another task. Therefore, after completion of beta-testing stage, there should be an agreement on how the app be uploaded into app stores. Moreover, an expert mobile app developer should be able to walk you through all the necessary steps of uploading the application to app store for further sales. You can review the Trends & Tech of Mobile App Development – Latest Updates.

With that in mind, you definitely need a mobile app developer with a previous experience of submitting apps to the online app stores. If not, you’ll find yourself in a difficult position or even waste several months before your app will be proper submitted and accepted. Note that, it usually takes up to two weeks for a completed app to be reviewed by Google and Apple in their various App Store.

6. How Can My Application Make money online for my business?

The major reason an app is developed in the first place is to provide a service and make income out of it. Seriously, even though this type of question applies to you (the app owner) rather than to mobile app developer, you still need to ensure you’ll get the needed support to make it happen.

For those who are not running a shopping online store, there are several other monetization models such as Google Admob, pay-per-download, subscription based model etc. On the other hand, if you choose to build a free mobile app, you can also make money by in-app purchase and different ad based techniques. As has been noted, if you are interested in monetization of your application, experienced mobile app developer should be able to help you with that easily.

7. How Will My Application Be Tested for Perfection?

After completion of the project, a thorough testing is vital. Consequently, the candidate not hesitate to explain how they usually make sure that the app is ready to go live for usage. Go ahead and ask the about the bug tracking systems they usually work with.

Find out how the bug fixing process is carried out to get good results. Lastly, they should tell you how you can personally monitor the testing process and get the latest builds.

From experience, it is know that a mobile app testing is performed by a skilled QA specialist, so ask the team whether they have a tester in as a team member. Otherwise, you will need to hire a different QA specialist to do so for you.

8. Will I Own The App Alone?

This is a very important legal question, which should be carefully discussed before you give them your ideas. It should be done at the beginning. Normally, if you contact a developer and pay for your app to be developed, it becomes your intellectual property. This means that you are the person who is going to own it as soon as it is successfully completed.

Whether you are dealing with a local or offshore developer, it is important to sign a written agreement concerning copyright issues. To be on a safe side, this confidentiality document should state that the app’s content, design and codes would belong to you upon the project final completion. You can contact your lawyer for proper guidance.

9. What Are The Payment Terms for the Project?

Our team recommend that you choose the hourly payments for simple app. Then again, you can decide to hire a dedicated developer with a fixed monthly payment if your app requires frequent updating. But in some cases, an agreed fixed budget can be selected, especially in case strict disclaimers are given and you are sure there would be no changes in the project scope in the future.

10. Are You Currently Working on other Client’s Projects Now?

In order not to get delays for your project, you should know your stand in the working process. So, when want to hire a mobile application developer, go ahead and ask this question. It will help you to know if your project will drag on or delivered as agreed. Make sure you specifically ask them whether there would be one or two persons dedicated to your project uniquely. For the most part, this will guarantee that your project is a priority for the development team members.

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How will people know about the app you want to build for me? You might be that type of private people who do not like sharing advertising stuffs on your social media which may look like spam to your fans and friends. On the other hand, you may not be an IT specialist who know their way around the different adverting platforms. SO you definitely need the developer to help you advertise your app through different platforms. As your ap developer if he will help you do your Facebook ads, Google Adsense ads, Yahoo ads, Bidviteser, Taboola Ads etc. Find out how the developer intends to help you connect your apps to people for free or for an additional cost. Check out the Mobile App Description Sample to Boost App Popularity as you proceed.

Remember these essential questions to ask app developers before starting cooperation, and you may rest assured that your application is in safe hands.

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