Alibaba Online Conference: Retail’s High-Tech Renaissance


Alibaba Online Conference: Retail’s High-Tech Renaissance. The retail industry has been evolving rapidly, ever since the introduction of the Internet. The need for change has now accelerated to unprecedented rates; businesses need to quickly adapt to the new normal by learning and implementing new technologies to keep up with the needs and expectations of consumers.

Join Alibaba for an exciting online conference to explore the effects of these changes together with local experts and retail colleagues.

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Alibaba Cloud Summit Empower

Key Takeaways

Deep-dive Into Core Retail and E-commerce Cloud Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies are turning the retail space into a market powered by intelligence. Learn more about Alibaba Cloud’s newest retail technology breakthrough and find out how the Digitalization Solution of Alibaba Cloud brings value to the retail industry.

Featured Practices on Retail and E-commerce Industry

Through the Alibaba Smart Supply Chain Solution capabilities, including sales forecasting, smart replenishment, smart fulfilment, and intelligent logistics, you can intelligentize your supply chain. Explore how Alibaba Cloud Image Search will benefit the company by improving the search experience of users and reducing costs.

Case Sharing by Tokopedia and Alibaba

Gain a deeper understanding through the eyes of our clients of the Alibaba Cloud’s Digitalization Solution. Hear from Channel Business’s Alibaba Cloud Frontline Country Lead to learn more about how businesses are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to expand and develop their business.

Step-by-Step Guideline by Senior Experts

Get free training from the senior experts at Alibaba Cloud. Join us through step-by-step best practises with our experts and familiarise yourself with our key retail and e-commerce cloud technologies and solutions.

Who Should Join

1. All corporations that are currently doing business or planning to expand your business in the retail and e-commerce space.

2. Founders, CXOs, Senior Managers, and IT experts who want to leverage Cloud technologies to grow and improve their business.

3. Anyone who is interested in using or learning about Alibaba Cloud retail and e-commerce cloud technologies.

Session One: The Next Digital Era of Retail and E-commerce

Yan Dai

Solution Director of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: Yan Dai is the senior solution architect of big data team in Alibaba Cloud international and currently in charge of the digitalization solution for retail clients. He has extensive experience in the fields of data modelling, big data processing, ML and traditional DW, and participated in many big projects across the industries of retail, telecom and manufacturing.

Cloud Technologies in Retail Overview:

How Alibaba Cloud’s Digitalization Solution Adds Value to the Retail Industry. The topics includes:

  1. Today’s Retail Industry Challenge – Summarizes the challenges that retail is facing, such as dynamic changing and personalized requirement
  2. The Use Scenarios of Retail Digitalization – Lists the typical use scenarios that address the challenges above
  3. Alibaba Cloud Retail Solutions – Describes Alibaba’s architecture and solutions that address each scenario above
  4. References – Reference cases that leverage Alibaba Cloud solutions

Damian Xu

Senior Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: Damian Xu has outstanding knowledge and experience of comprehensive supply chain consulting and solution architecture design, with specialties in Alibaba AI innovation and E2E business scenarios enablement.

Alibaba Cloud Smart Supply Chain Solution:

How AI Is Transforming Retail Businesses to an Intelligence-Driven Era.

Topic: He’ll explain how AI algorithms enable and transform customer’s businesses in the intelligence-driven era. We will reference B2B solutions, such as sales forecasting, smart replenishment, smart fulfillment, and intelligent logistics. We will also discuss B2C solutions, such as Customer Insight, Recommendation Engine, and dynamic pricing.

Yuefeng Sun

Senior BI and Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: Yuefeng Sun has 15 years of experience as a consultant with success over all phases of diverse technology projects, including Cloud-based SaaS, data visualization, budgeting and controlling, Activity Based Costing modeling, marketing, sales, and distributions.

An Easier Way for Product Search on E-commerce Platforms:

Deep-Dive into Alibaba Cloud Image Search

Topic: They’ll show you why you should use Alibaba Cloud Image Search instead of text search. We’ll also discuss the inner-workings of Image Search, how it can enhance users’ search experiences and reduce cost, and how Image Search can help your business.

Demai Ni

Director of Alibaba Database, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: Demai Ni is a technical director and Sr. staff product manager at Alibaba Cloud, currently working in Database Business Unit responsible for international market. Previously, Demai was a principal software architect at an American research Lab, working on Distributed Cloud-Native GaussDB Database, a MPPDB system, and the founding engineer for its SQL on Hadoop Project ELK.

Cloud Native Databases:

Fly to Cloud in First Class

Topic: Alibaba receives its international fame largely due to its success as a platform for e-commerce and retail business. Database is the cornerstone of the platform. Matured while supporting internal business for 10+ years, the cloud native databases are offered on

This session will discuss cloud native relational database PolarDB and other database systems trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers for the mission-critical data management. Particularly, how the cloud technology transforms online retailer business.

Session Two: Customer Story Sharing

M. Ivan Nugroho

Indonesia Country Lead of Channel Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: M. Ivan Nugroho is an experienced professional in the IT industry, with over 7 years experience in large multinational companies as Presales, Account Manager, & Business Development. He is passionate in understanding how the IT industry is rapidly changing all the time, and it excites him to be part of the journey of transformation, leveraging technology to make people’s life easier, more efficient, and more productive. He loves to travel and spend the weekend by watching movies and exploring local good food.

Tokopedia’s Story:

Maximize Robust Architecture to Serve Millions of Users During The Biggest Promotion Event of The Year

Topic: Tokopedia ( is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to democratize commerce through technology. It is the leading marketplace platform in Indonesia, empowering millions of merchants and consumers to participate in the future of commerce. In this session, we will share about how to maximize Robust Architecture to Serve Millions of Users During The Biggest Promotion Event of The Year.

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