5 Top Profitable Business You Can Start With Small Capital in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting up a business with small amount of money, here are 5 top profitable business in Nigeria you can start with small capital.

This article provides solution to individuals seeking for opportunity to improve their financial source, achieve their dreams, and gain freedom from being broke. Moreover, it can even increase your lifespan by an impressive 23%.

Below are the 5 top profitable business in Nigeria that you can start or do with small capital.

Mobile Food Vendors or Street Food Seller Business

Starting up this business do not necessary requires a huge some, it have to do with your skill and talent for cooking. When you begin a mobile food vendor business, the most important thing to know do is to put in your cooking skills into what you love to do.

Furthermore, it gives you an advantage over competitors like restaurants, eateries, and other mobile food vendors or stress food sellers competing for customers.

However, to maintain and keep your customers coming, it is important to keep your cooking tasty, pleasant, and budget-friendly.

You can start this business with just N50,000 and make profit that is more.

Online Advertising Business Firm

Advertising online is presently a trending means of making money on social media. If you want to improve your business and sell more like never before, make good use of social media as it create opportunity for you to meet new buyers online, advertise your product, and save you time and more money.

Online advert on social media is the most profitable and quickest means of making money in our present days.

As it is recorded in 2018, over $400 billion was spent globally on online advertising. From blogs to social media, websites, newspapers, search engines, applications, and games, this industry is dominating the world.

Starting an internet advertising agency helps you to tap into prospects and quickly generate income. You can start this business with as little as 100,000

Exportation Business

You adventure into exporting goods, this is also a lucrative means for making money. With the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, The related to importing and exporting have extremely risen.

Many people finds it difficult to obtain goods from their home countries. Some persons assume that Nigeria do not have much goods or products to export which is not true.

Shipping materials are a valuable part of Africa’s foreign trade. Exporting raw goods such as: cocoa, green vegetables, vegetable oil, yam, cassava, palm oil, or crude oil. This commodities are of high demands in country’s borders

Cleaning Services/ House keeping Services

If you have an experience on cleaning apartments or offices for a daily wage and are skilled at it, why not consider starting your own business? All you need to do is to get staff members to work with you and acquire cleaning product.

By so doing, you can provide cleaning services for houses, apartment and offices spaces. Such services are in demand and can be quite profitable in today’s market.

Data Reselling

A data reseller is someone who buys data in bulk from Virtual Top-Up (VTU) platforms and telecom companies such as MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel at a lower cost and then sells it to customers at their chosen price.

There are many profitable business you can begin with less than N100,000, but you need to thoroughly research and analyze which category suits you best.


In the world of business, things are always changing. These five opportunities show how you can start with a little money and make a successful business.

Nigeria is doing well in different areas, and these small-capital businesses prove that being creative, determined, and making smart choices can really work.

Whether it is the digital world, food, or importing services, the main point is that if you have the right attitude and plan, new business owners can take advantage of these chances and create successful businesses from scratch.

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