Selling Your Car on eBay: What You Need to know, And a Step-by-Step Guide on Listing and selling

Selling your car on eBay platform is very exciting, as it is a safe way to market your products especially when using an international listing method or model.

Using this methods or models helps you meet with many buyers within a very short time globally. To sell your car, on the eBay platform, it will require a lot of understanding. Let me show you some important steps to take to make this sale.

In this article, I will guide you on the important steps you have to take in understanding the process of listing and selling your car on the eBay platform.

However, if you are already using the online platform as a means for selling your products or advertising your services, this guide is here to assist you in understanding the process and boost your confidence to expand your eBay car sale.

If you have visited any eBay motors platform, you will discover that the process of listing and selling your car is very easy and simple.

The process of selling on eBay platform is unique because it requires careful and accurate details and information from you.

The eBay platform is different from other platforms that is used for selling cars. With this, you will be ready to register your car on eBay confidently.

Below are the following steps you should know:

Selling Your Car on eBay – Log in and Make a Listing

Selling your car on eBay platform is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to follow the first step which is to log in into your eBay account.

However, if you already have a registered account on eBay, you just have to click on the ”Sell” tab at the top of the eBay page after which you can start your listing and selling on the platform.

Select The Category Which is ”eBay Motors”

After clicking on the “Sells” tab, you will see the listing form, all you need to do here is to click on the “Browse categories” tab right under the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or the Universal Product Code (UPC) number box. Thereafter, select the make and model of your vehicle from the list of options on the platform.

Choose a Listing Format for Your Vehicle in The Motors Section.

After choosing the make and model of your car or vehicle from the options available, decide between a local or an international listing.

This two have its advantage and price. The local means or method for listing your car is free but is has limited viewers.

Furthermore, for an international listing, you are sure to sell your product even with the fixed price. This method is not free as it come with a price tag of $60 to $125.

Once you make your choice, you are left with the the shipping arrangement to deliver the car or vehicle to the buyer.

Complete the Title Information Correctly.

To ensure you are doing things right at this stage, complete the title with information such as the vehicle’s year, model, its make, and mileage.

Also, add a positive comment about the car, such as “still authentic!” This will capture and sustain the interest of your potential buyer.

Proceed to Fill out the Selling Form.

The information on your checklist will be used to fill in the selling form. Make sure not to include any features your vehicle does not have. By so doing, it shows your transparency in doing business.

Write a Good Description

This is an important part of your sales listing. Therefore, present your details in paragraphs. Here is what you should put down in your description:

  • What the cosmetic condition of the vehicle is?
  • What is the general operating condition of the vehicle?
  • Why you want to sell it?
  • Again, and what is needed to be done soon?
  • What is the status of the title?
  • Were you the first owner?
  • Also, include any maintenance records if you have one.

Place a Photo or Picture of the Car on The Platform

After you have created your description, upload photos or picture of the vehicle you chose in the listing form.

Make sure the photos are attractive to capture the interest of any buyer. While showcasing the actual photo, you can also include pictures of any damaged areas.

Set Your Terms

After you have uploaded your photos, now is the time to provide details for payment.

For vehicle sales, it is safer and best to offer options like PayPal or bank-to-bank wire transfer.


This guide will help you register and sell your car on eBay easily without stress. You will learn each step, from making a listing to picking the right details, photos, and terms.

This will help you showcase your vehicle well and attract potential buyers.

By following these steps and making smart choices, you can increase your chances of selling your car successfully on eBay.

This ensures a safe and clear transaction for you and the buyers.

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