Drive Through Coffee Shop Near Me for Early Morning and Late Night Drink

You might be craving a cup of coffee right now, and you’re wondering how to find the nearest coffee shop or restaurant. It’s interesting to note that the United States is the world’s highest consumer of coffee, just as the United Kingdom is the highest consumer of tea.

However, I’m not here to provide history and facts; my goal is to assist you in locating a place, possibly a restaurant, that serves hot drinks like coffee, as well as other breakfast, dessert, and social drinks. So, let’s get started.

Coffee Near Me Open Now

To find a nearby coffee shop that’s currently open in your area, you can start by asking people around you, such as friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues, who are familiar with the local coffee shop options. They may provide you with valuable recommendations based on their knowledge of the area’s coffee shops.

Find Coffee Near Me Now with the Use of Yelp and Yellow pages and Store Locator

To find the closest coffee shop, you can use helpful websites like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor, or Thrillist. These websites are easy to use, and you can even download their apps on your phone. Simply enter your zip code, click the search button, and wait a bit. These sites will show you nearby coffee places.

They’re handy because they provide important details, like the coffee shop’s phone number, so you can call for reservations, questions, or even delivery orders. Some good websites to try are,, and Give them a go, and you might discover a coffee spot you really like.

If you have a specific coffee shop in mind and want to see if they have a location near you, it’s a good idea to visit their website. They might have a “locator” tool that can help. This can give you more precise information, like their menu and daily specials if they have any. It helps you make a choice based on what you like.

How to Coffee Shop Near Me on Google Map

You can also use the Google Maps app or go to to find the closest coffee shop. Just type “Coffee Shop Near Me” in the search bar at the top or use the microphone icon for a voice search. In seconds, you’ll see a list of coffee shops with ratings, how far they are from you, their opening hours, and whether they are currently open or closed. It’s a quick and easy way to find a coffee spot nearby.

What is Irish Coffee anyway?

If you’ve ever wondered what this drink is, it’s essentially coffee with whiskey, along with some cream and whipped cream on top. It’s a delightful beverage, and I recommend enjoying it on a lazy weekend morning. Otherwise, you might redefine the term “coffee buzz.”

Where does the word Coffee come from originally?

The word “coffee” has gone through many changes before becoming the English term we use today. It originally started as a long Arabic word, and when it reached Turkey, it became “kahve.” The Dutch also had their version, calling it “koffie,” and eventually, it transformed into the similar-sounding word we now use in English.

Finding a Coffee Shops Near Me

A coffee shop, also known as a coffee house or café, is a place where they mainly serve hot coffee and related coffee drinks. Sometimes, they offer other hot beverages, and some even have iced coffee and iced tea along with snacks.

To find coffee shops near you, you can visit websites like and These websites provide lists of coffee shops in your area. All you need to do is enter your current location, such as your address, city, state, or zip code, into the search box. The website will then display a list of nearby coffee shops for you to choose from. You can drive or walk to the one that suits your preference.

Use these locator posts below to find what you are looking for:

Top 7 Best Coffee Shops in United States of America

1. Turbo Coffee – Florence, Alabama

In the hidden corner of Florence’s Greasy Hands Barbershop, you’ll discover Alabama’s coolest coffee spot. They not only craft incredibly delicious coffee but also offer fresh, homemade cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, and superfood smoothies. Plus, they whip up their own healthy paleo treats and yummy granola.

Turbo Coffee switches to a new coffee roaster every three months, so there’s always a fresh coffee experience waiting for you. If you’re in Florence, make sure to stop by and get your caffeine fix at this fantastic spot.

2. SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab – Anchorage, Alaska

Visit SteamDot coffee and take a seat at their ‘pour over’ bar for the absolute best espresso in Alaska. They’re experts in crafting artisanal coffee, focusing on the simple yet essential approach of freshly roasted and incredibly tasty coffee. Don’t be overwhelmed by fancy brewing methods; their staff will gladly assist you in finding the perfect cup to enjoy.

3. Peixoto Coffee Roasters – Chandler, Arizona

The coffee at Peixoto (pronounced pay-sho-tow) comes from the owner’s family farm in Brazil, known as Fazenda Sao José da Boa Vista. They have a unique approach where they grow, import, and roast their coffee specifically for their store. It’s a true farm-to-cup experience, and the flavor is outstanding. This is a sustainable family business that brings immense joy.

You also have the option to purchase coffee bags to enjoy at home, but once you step into their beautiful coffee shop, you’ll likely be tempted to stay for a while.

4. Blue Sail Coffee – Conway, Arkansas

Kyle Tabor, the founder of Blue Sail Coffee, established this store with the belief that “coffee connects the community.” This notion holds strong as you’ll find locals comfortably lounging on cozy leather sofas, engaging in friendly conversations with the welcoming baristas.

Their coffee sourcing is rooted in ethical practices from various corners of the world, including the Congo, Burundi, Colombia, and Brazil. And a word of advice: if you opt for their cold brew, be prepared for a robust and invigorating experience, in the most delightful manner.

5. Sightglass – San Francisco, California

Situated in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, Sightglass is a multifaceted establishment. It serves as a production roastery, a lively open coffee bar, and a communal meeting place all rolled into one.

Their flagship store on 7th Street even features an enjoyable Affogato bar, perfect for those moments when you desire something sweet with a little punch. With its chic and dependable vibe, it’s a genuine staple in San Francisco.

6. Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters – Lakewood, Colorado

Owner Andy Spranger is an accomplished barista with impressive accolades, including being a two-time US Brewers Cup Champion, Runner-up in the World Brewers Cup Championship, and the 2013 US Aeropress Champion. With such a pedigree, it’s no surprise that the coffee served here is exceptional. The cafe also boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, situated right within the wholesale roastery.

You can even take home their coffee, packaged in beautifully designed bags made in Colorado.

7. J.René Coffee Roasters – West Hartford, Connecticut

J.René Coffee Roasters is an artisan cafe in New England that has been a beloved part of the community for over 11 years. It’s a hip and welcoming place where you can participate in cupping classes, engage in conversations, and enjoy exceptional coffee.

They see their coffee shop as an open “Third Space,” a gathering spot where people from the community can come together. This leads to a constant buzz of interesting events happening there.

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