List of Jobs you can get with a Business Degree in your Home Country or When you Travel Abroad

Many jobs are available for people with a business degree but many people are still confused on the type of jobs their degree can apply for. We used special software to find the best jobs for business degree holders. Let us explore more together.

Business degrees open doors to many different job options. In this article, we will use special software to show you some job titles that are interested in hiring people with business degrees. But first, let us think about why a business degree could be a good choice.

What can a Business Degree do for you?

Discover what you can achieve with a Business Degree below

1. Project Manager – Apply for Business Degree Jobs

If you have ever been part of a complicated project involving many people, you know how important project managers are. They make sure the project goes well, keeping everything on track and meeting all the deadlines and goals.

Project managers achieve this by talking to project owners to understand their needs, giving team members specific roles and tasks, keeping an eye on the progress, and making sure any problems or changes are communicated effectively.

In essence, they keep everyone working together towards a common goal and ensure everyone stays informed.

If you are someone who can balance day-to-day tasks while keeping the bigger picture in mind, offer support when needed, handle competing demands, and enjoy planning (and re-planning), this career might be a good match for you.

2. Human Resources Specialist – Apply for Business Degree Jobs

In the field of human resources (HR), business graduates often find suitable positions. HR specialists play a crucial role in recruiting, evaluating, and hiring employees. They also handle various daily tasks within a company, including welcoming new employees, managing essential records, and assisting workers with questions about company rules.

If you are good at connecting with people and enjoy working closely with others, HR roles revolve around the human aspect of businesses, ensuring that each employee works in the best possible conditions for both themselves and the company.

3. Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing Clerk – Apply for Business Degree Jobs

Financial roles are often where many business professionals begin their careers. These positions involve closely managing an organization’s financial transactions and making sure payment details are correctly recorded in accounting software. Furthermore, they might involve investigating and resolving mismatch and rising issues within the organization as necessary.

If you are someone who finds clarity in numbers and pays close attention to detail, these roles could be a great fit. They require a meticulous approach and a bit of a detective mindset when records do not align as they should.

4. Operations/General Managers – Apply for Business Degree Jobs

Operations and general managers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and profitable daily operations of a business or location, although the specifics of their work can vary significantly. They handle tasks like inventory management, staffing, team leadership, and preparation for future projects or initiatives.

This role suits individuals with a solid foundation in general business skills, excellent organizational capabilities, strong leadership qualities, and problem-solving skills. While the day-to-day challenges can be diverse, a significant part of this job involves effectively managing people.

5. Business Analyst

Business analysts use their business knowledge to examine market and business trends, providing valuable recommendations to the companies they assist. This role demands a combination of business awareness, research abilities, analytical thinking, and strong communication skills for presenting their insights.

The specific tasks of a business analyst can vary widely, depending on the position and the employer. Some may concentrate on enhancing efficiency by analyzing processes, while others may tackle questions related to expansion and growth.

If you are skilled at solving problems, this role could be an excellent fit. Analysts need to gather data and offer suggestions to address issues or address various questions, whether they are large or small in scope.

6. Account Manager

Account managers play a crucial role in building and maintaining good relationships between businesses and their clients. The specifics of this job can differ depending on the employer, but it usually involves a consultative sales aspect.

Their time is often spent talking with clients, understanding their needs, and ideally, offering additional services to fulfill those needs. Account management positions often blend sales and customer service, meaning it is not just about getting more business, they also aim to maintain strong relationships with current clients.

If you enjoy forming connections, listening, exploring sales chances, or addressing any concerns, this role could be a great fit for you. Effective communication is key in this field.

List of 30 Jobs you can Apply for Abroad with a Business Certificate

A business degree can open up a wide range of career opportunities across various industries. Here is a list of some common job roles that individuals with a business degree may pursue:

  1. Accountant/Auditor: Prepare and examine financial records, ensure accuracy, and compliance with tax laws.
  2. Financial Analyst: Analyze financial data, trends, and investment opportunities to provide recommendations.
  3. Management Consultant: Advise organizations on improving efficiency, solving problems, and implementing strategic changes.
  4. Marketing Manager: Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote products or services.
  5. Human Resources Manager: Oversee staffing, recruitment, training, and employee relations within an organization.
  6. Operations Manager: Manage day-to-day operations to ensure efficiency and productivity.
  7. Sales Manager: Lead a sales team and develop strategies to meet revenue targets.
  8. Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner: Start and manage your own business venture.
  9. Business Development Manager: Identify growth opportunities, build partnerships, and expand a company’s market presence.
  10. Supply Chain Manager: Oversee the movement of goods and services from suppliers to consumers, optimizing logistics and inventory management.

Other Jobs

  1. Market Research Analyst: Collect and analyze data to help organizations make informed business decisions.
  2. Public Relations Specialist: Manage an organization’s public image and communications with the media and the public.
  3. Financial Planner/Advisor: Assist individuals and businesses in managing their finances and investments.
  4. Investment Banker: Work in financial institutions to facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising for companies.
  5. Risk Manager: Identify and mitigate potential risks that could impact an organization’s operations.
  6. Corporate Trainer: Develop and deliver training programs for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  7. Project Manager: Oversee and coordinate projects from initiation to completion.
  8. Business Analyst: Analyze business processes and recommend improvements or technology solutions.
  9. E-commerce Manager: Manage online sales and operations for businesses with an online presence.
  10. Real Estate Agent/Broker: Help clients buy, sell, or rent properties.
  11. Hotel Manager: Oversee the day-to-day operations of hotels and hospitality establishments.
  12. Healthcare Administrator: Manage the administrative aspects of healthcare facilities and organizations.
  13. Nonprofit Manager: Oversee the operations and fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations.
  14. Government Administrator: Work in various roles within government agencies, managing programs and services.
  15. International Business Specialist: Navigate the complexities of global markets and international trade.
  16. Retail Manager: Manage the operations of retail stores and chains.
  17. Sports Management: Oversee the business aspects of sports teams, organizations, or events.
  18. Event Planner: Organize and manage events, conferences, and meetings.
  19. Fashion Merchandiser: Manage the buying, marketing, and promotion of fashion products.
  20. Digital Marketing Manager: Lead digital marketing campaigns and strategies for businesses.


So, what can you do with a Business Degree? Well, there are plenty of options waiting for you. You could become a project manager, work in human resources, handle finances, or even manage day-to-day operations. There is also a path in business analysis and account management. It all depends on your skills and interests, but a Business Degree can open many doors for a bright future.

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