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Hybrid Cloud Risk Solutions, Digital Risk Management, Hybrid Hosting Control Flexibility and Efficiency – Public & Private Cloud. We’re here to help with information of hybrid cloud providers and web hosting services Control, flexibility and efficiency. The future of hosting, today is the Cloud, so choose wisely.

First of all, before choosing any cloud service provider, you have to check for the ones that can combine the best characteristics of public and private cloud computing and virtualization. As a matter of fact, you have to make sure that they have a dedicated hardware to build the most effective solution for your business. Also, they must provide you with the flexibility to scale according to demand.

Public and Private Cloud Companies Must Have:

  1. A safe and dedicated servers provide private computing and storage at fixed prices
  2. Their virtualization can easily be employed to create a private cloud environment
  3. Their Public cloud servers must provide scalability
  4. They should offer a pay-per-use computing

Correspondingly, you must have a live chat with the provider about a custom solution, which should be delivered by a dedicated project manager with the support of certified solutions architects, advanced system administrators and technology partners.

Cloud Vendors should Fuse the best of all worlds

Ordinarily, your hybrid cloud hosting service provider must be able to link up dedicated and public cloud infrastructures in a hybrid hosting solution. In short, you must be able to easily host your services across the dedicated, private cloud and public cloud components. Invariably, you should have an option to do this according to the best match for each service’s performance profile and traffic patterns.

The Power of Dedicated Cloud

Usually, you should be able to choose a dedicated infrastructure for high power, fixed prices and privacy. In brief, make sure that you can simply deploy a dedicated hosting infrastructure. Furthermore, it’s your responsibility to ensure that there’s no capital expenses (CAPEX). Additionally, ensure that there is none of the risks of managing your own servers.

Generally, the power of a dedicated cloud should have the following list;

  1. Fixed costs with unmetered traffic
  2. Consistent, high-power performance
  3. For power hungry, high workload services
  4. The Flexibility of Virtualization of Any Cloud Service

Make sure to have the convenience of selecting the virtualization to deploy VMs on your dedicated servers at fixed costs. Similarly, ensure that your team can use virtualization to build a private cloud on your dedicated hardware and achieve the flexibility of cloud computing.

Flexibility Provision

To sum up the details, flexibility should provide the following;

  1. Deploy VMs instantly or automatically
  2. Efficiencies from pooling resources
  3. Monitoring and automation of private cloud computing
  4. The Elasticity of Public Cloud

This is equally important because you should conveniently be able choose public cloud for on-demand scalability where, or when, you need it; at will. Identically, ensure that you can link your dedicated infrastructure to the public cloud for on-demand scalability, public services and pay-as-you-go cost. As shown above, the elasticity of the public cloud must contain options below;

  1. Dynamic-scaling and unlimited traffic
  2. Pay per use bandwidth and servers
  3. Great for variable and low workload services
  4. Features & Options
  5. Dedicated Hardware

In the first place, your dedicated infrastructure comprises of your choice of our engineered Intel dedicated servers, hosted in either Canadian, American, Australian or Chinese, data centers, and delivered on fully redundant network. However, prices must be fixed and frequent, with un-metered bandwidth – great for high-traffic website and software applications. In any event, the power of dedicated servers makes them perfect for running power hungry application online. Again, keep in mind that dedicated servers can offer a firm basis for using virtualization to create a private cloud environment and infrastructure.


As an IT personnel, you can decide to use virtualization on your dedicated hardware in order to create a private cloud environment. As a matter of fact, any reliable hybrid cloud provider an option for customers to select from the most popular Hypervisors. Then, the main reason is to be able to create a layer of virtualization on top of your dedicated architecture, pooling resources and assigning them between services in your virtual data center. As has been noted, virtualization offers flexibility for your IT team of developers, who can add and remove servers, services and users according to your business requirements.

Public Cloud Services

The Public Cloud delivers additional scalability and elasticity to your hybrid hosting solution, with a flexible price model where you only pay for the servers, storage and bandwidth that you use. In like manner, dynamic scaling plus the pay-as-you-go model make the public cloud more price active for services with variable or low workloads, and great for handling unexpected workload points.

Managed Services & Hybrid Hosting Control

First, be reminded that hosting is not only about technology. You have to search for hosting firms that are committed to helping your organization accomplish its goalmouths and desires by treating you as an individual. Also, the service is to come with custom solutions, specialist expertise and a range of services tailored to your requirements. Equally, they must have a wealth of IaaS expertise developed. Find the one that can really make a different by their flexibility, and those that can wait to help you.

Hybrid Cloud Examples

All things considered, it is believed that since your business and objectives are exceptional, your hosting service should be too. In either case, do not relent, you can speak to a hosting expert about a custom hybrid cloud hosting solution that will save you money while improving your business’s efficiency and user experience. Written below are some example hybrid cloud solutions that can be implemented for clients in United States and around the world.

Burstable Hybrid Cloud

This hybrid cloud package is for a consistently great user experience and basically for cost control, higher return on investment (ROI). Researches revealed that a burstable hybrid cloud solution places core services on a private, dedicated infrastructure and connects them directly to auto-scaling public cloud servers. In the meantime, the resulting hybrid infrastructure can handle traffic bursts and adjustable traffic levels in a more efficient, cost-effective and consistently available manner.

Benefits of Burstable Hybrid Cloud

  • Elastic (unlimited) public cloud scaling can handles traffic bursts
  • Guaranteed QoS ensures consistent performance
  • No need to over-provision, cloud CPUs scale according to traffic
  • Choice of dedicated, public cloud and hybrid by service
  • Match services to cloud/dedicated by performance profile
  • Improved infrastructure planning with lower risk
  • Day-to-day efficiencies and time and cost savings

Hybrid Cluster

This hybrid cloud package is seriously for improved service performance, cost control and easy scaling. Altogether, you can match each of your services to a dedicated or public cloud infrastructure according to its performance profile, cherry picking the most suitable characteristics for your service. In summary, separating services also means your database, storage, application and web servers can be autonomously managed, scaled and improved.

Benefits of Hybrid Cluster

  • Cherry pick the best characteristics for each service
  • Public cloud scalability
  • Dedicated server power
  • Virtualization flexibility
  • Cherry pick your cost model by service
  • Fixed costs for higher usage services
  • Pay-as-you use for variable or low traffic services
  • React quickly to change and handle unexpected traffic spikes
  • Independently manage and scale your services

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