How Many Oreos Biscuits Are in a Standard Pack, Types And Sizes

Hey snack lovers, how many Oreos can you munch per time? Are Oreos your favorite? Do you know there are various sizes and flavors too? Want to know when were double stuffed oreos introduced? Are there harmful ingredients in Oreos biscuits? Keep reading, to find out this and many more about your favorite snack delight.

If you have a sweet tooth and prefer chocolaty foods, then you must have probably had Oreos before. Oreos is one of those biscuits that will always be a staple treat in any home, especially at kids parties. 

Oreos are classic biscuits that can never go out of style. They taste great dipped in milk, tea, or coffee.

Oreo biscuit price in Nigeria are sweet biscuit foods. They can be used as a flavoring for shakes and desserts, parfaits or just eaten on their own as a snack.

It may interest you to know that the number of Oreos in each pack changes depending on which country you are in at the time of purchase.

This leads to the question: How many Oreos are there in a pack?

About Oreos

In 1912, the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), today a company of Mondelz International, presented the world with the amazing Oreo cookie.

The history of where the idea for Oreos came from is a mystery, although the cookie’s design and basic concept have developed over time.

On March 14, 1912, they registered the name “Oreo” as a trademark that it is till date .

It was introduced as a rip-off of the original Hydrox biscuit made by the Sunshine Company and released in 1908.

The popularity of Oreos significantly outweighs that of Hydrox, to the point where many people believe that Hydrox is an outright imitation of Oreos rather than the other way round.

Also, Oreo is the most popular cookie brand worldwide and the best-selling cookie in the United States today.

How Many Oreos are in a Pack?

Depending on the size of your pack, the quantity of Oreos in every pack may vary. Larger packs will contain more cookies than smaller ones and vice versa.

Let’s look at some varieties of Oreos that will determine the number in each pack of sweet delight:

1. Single Roll

A family-size or party-size Oreo pack is not a typical Oreo pack. Other than Oreo cookies, they have no labeling.

The typical Oreo cookie is known as a “single roll.”

Without any modifications, they are the original recipe. There should be about 12 cookies in a row.

In other words, there are 36 cookies in one complete package of Oreos.

However, every family-size pack usually contains 16 perfectly sized cookies, so there can only be a maximum of 48 cookies in this pack.

Depending on where in the world you bought them, that number may change too.

2. Double StufOreos

For more than a century, Oreo double stuf chocolate sandwich cookies have been America’s favorite cookie.

These chocolate sandwich cookies are incredibly dunkable since they are filled with twice as much delectable Oreo crème.

Having Double Stuf Oreo cookies with a glass of cold milk or sharing them with friends during gatherings is a terrific idea.

They also produce delectable sweet treats for home, office, and school lunches.

Chocolate cookies stay fresh in the resealable pack, which is ideal for sharing, eating, and traveling.

There are fewer Double-Stuffed Oreos in a pack due to their bigger size.

You can find 10 cookies in a row for a Family Pack. That means there are 30 cookies in all in the pack.

There are actually more in The Party Size.

There are 45 Double Stuff Oreos in all, 15 in each row in the Party Size packing.

3. Thins Oreos

The original Oreo cookie has a crisp, delicate, and delectable twist.

This version of the Original Oreo cookie is thinner, crispier, and is more crunchy.

There are, however, 40 thin Oreos in a typical pack.

The boxed thin Oreos can be found on Amazon as well.

There are 140 cookies in every boxed edition, which comes with 35 packs of 4 each.

4. Single-Served Oreos

There are only six cookies in the Oreo single-serve pack.

However, if you’re watching your weight, you should know that the six cookies in each pack should be divided among three snacks in order to meet the daily calorie requirements.

5. Fudge-Covered Oreos

If you enjoy chocolate, this Oreo cookie will be your favorite.

You can choose from black chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, and you can get it in all sizes.

Each chocolate bite gives way to the cookie and crème sandwich, creating a flavor that is both new and recognizable.

However, if you choose to purchase this snack, it contains at least 12 Fudge-Covered Oreos.

Why do Oreo Sizes and Numbers Change?

They believe it will preserve client’s loyalty, most candy companies choose to gradually reduce the size of their products rather than increase its price.

This is because the cost of raw materials and production rises whenever there is general market inflation.

As a result, it becomes more expensive to make these items. The company is therefore, left with very few possibilities.

They may decide to maintain the same product size and cost.

However, since the 1970s, Oreo has continuously changed its product, either by reducing serving sizes or raising prices.

A pack will have fewer items in it this year, and when it is replaced the next year, the price will have changed

They always experiment with several approaches to dealing with inflation to determine which is most effective and safe for their business.

Hence, they will compare their statistics and reports after attempting a different approach and examine sales data and consumer feedback after doing things in a different way.

Ingredients Used in Making Oreos

Nabisco is the company that makes Oreos. White powdered sugar is used to make the white filling inside. They also use additional water with vanilla flavor, granulated sugar, and vegetable shortening.

Other Ingredients include:

1. Unbleached Enriched Flour

This is a refined carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. It contains wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin B2, and folic acid. It mostly serves to extend shelf life.

2. Cocoa

Alkali is used in cocoa processing to lessen the bitterness and darken the color.

3. Vanilla Flavoring

This is preferred over genuine vanilla flavor due to its rich flavor and cheaper price.

4. HighFructose Corn Syrup

This is a sweetening agent made from fructose that results from the conversion of dextrose from corn syrup. It is however, not advisable to consume HFCS because it may be one of the components that our bodies find the most difficult to digest.

5. Canola or Palm Oil  

There are no trans fats in these monounsaturated fats. They are frequently used in fried and baked dishes and are unquestionably preferable to trans and saturated fats.

6. Leavening

Oreos include either calcium phosphate or baking soda, like the majority of other baked foods.


Over time, the number of Oreos in a pack has changed, confusing many customers about the exact number. The actual number of cookies in a standard package of Oreos might vary based on factors like packaging and location, but it’s usually about 36. 

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