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This page contains Top 20 Scholarships for Data Science and Big Data. The writeup is for Scholarships for Data Science / Big Data / Analytics students. In the comments section, we usually get questions like this: Which US, Canada and Australian universities offer full scholarships to international students? Answers are available on this page.

We advise you to make yourself more marketable to different employers with projects & internships in Data Science. With the guide on this post, you will become ready for a career in computer science fields like Data Science, Analytics and much more. All you have to do is to Apply Online. If you don’t understanding anything, then you van request information from the contact page.

Now, you will agree with me that there’s a lot demand for scientists to analyze the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily. This alone has triggered an pump in scholarships for data science and big data. See details here.

What is Data science?

According to Wikipedia, Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights. The do this extraction from noisy, structured as well as unstructured data.

They also apply this knowledge plus actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains. This Data science encompasses preparing data for analysis, including cleansing, aggregating, and manipulating the data to perform advanced data analysis.

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Data Science Scholarships

This is an interdisciplinary STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) field. It usually offers bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees. These degrees focuses on extracting knowledge from volumes of collected data during research. According to some Analytics Magazine seen online, there will also be an pump in automation for businesses. So, if data scientists do not up-skill and re-skill themselves, you will agree that there will be a huge shortage of skilled data scientists in the industry.

Note that this is in addition to the recession associated with COVID19, causing more issues. Therefore, studying big data analytics can prepare you for abundant positions when seeking a job. Tech jobs like data analyst, database administrator, data architect, data engineer, analytics consultant, and quantitative analyst are among the highest paying jobs around the world. See why Analytics are in high demands. There’s more below;


Online Master’s in Data Science

We will advise you not to left behind as the data science industry evolves to the future. Simply go to the Syracuse University website to apply for admission. You can earn your masters degree (MS) in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University in as few as 18 months.

This institution is currently ranked No.19 in Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs. Make up your mind to Apply today and join Syracuse iSchool’s growing alumni. The network of this school of over 10,000 data professionals. Note that there is no GRE required to apply.


Online MS in Data Science

First, you should know that Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for the University of Denver’s online MS in Data Science. Generally, GRE, is an important step in the graduate school or business school application process. Furthermore, the GRE is a multiple-choice, computer-based, standardized exam that is often required for admission to graduate programs and graduate business programs (MBA) globally.

With that in mind, just know that you’ll gain knowledge and skills in critical competencies in several subject. They include programming, data mining, machine learning, database management, and data visualization. Lastly, the program is available to local as well as international students from all academic and professional backgrounds. And on the long run, you can get all these, in as few as 18 months.


Master of Information and Data Science

This is an online school scholarship. So, the online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program is preparing the next generation of experts and leaders in the data science field. They are also providing students with a UC Berkeley education without having to relocate from their original country.

All the students graduate with direct connections to UC Berkeley’s extensive alumni network in the Bay Area and across the globe at large. However, you are to note that all prospective international applicants will be required to submit official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.


New Online Master of Business Analytics

You can gain technical skills in SQL (structured query language), Python, and R (programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics).

Also, you additionally learn to drive successful business outcomes with your master’s in business analytics online from University of Dayton (UD). We can confidently say that; in 12 months, you will be ready to pursue professional analytics roles. This admission process doe not require GRE at all.

Data Science Degree Programs and Scholarships to Apply for this Year

1. ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship

Scholarship Deadline: April 30th

It is worth to know that the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) as well as Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing (SIGHPC) are partnering together. All this happens in collaboration with Intel to provide the Computational & Data Science Fellowship.

This scholarship is worth $15,000 on a yearly basis to master’s or doctoral students conducting research with large-scale big data. As of now, all eligible nominees will only be females. You are also eligible to apply if you are a member racial minority groups who have completed less than half of their computing degrees at accredited United States colleges.


ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship

2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701

New York, NY 10121

Phone: (212) 869-7440


Scholarship Link:

2. Acxiom Corporation Diversity Scholarship USA

Scholarship Deadline: December 31st

Acxiom is a a publicly traded marketing analytics firm that was formed in 1969. This popular Acxiom Corporation however proudly began the Diversity Scholarship Initiative to award $5,000 yearly to nine full-time college students. These students must be majoring in computer science, information systems, data science, statistics, mathematics, information quality, as well as related fields.

Before applying for this scholarship, you must has passed your bachelors degree with at least 2:1. Therefore, eligibility criteria requires attaining at least junior status, belonging to a historically underrepresented group. Students are to achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA, plus agreeing to internships at Acxiom offices physically.


Acxiom Corporation Diversity Scholarship

301 E. Dave Ward Drive

Conway, AR 72032

Phone: (877) 314-2049

Email address:

Scholarship Link:

3. Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship

Deadline: July 14th

Valued at $10,000, the Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship was initiated by The Collective, LLC. This took place in year 2015. Why? Simply to launch undergrads as well as post-grads into careers for new media, digital advertising, or data science.

Noteably, this scholarship is currently reserved for diverse applicants who are evenly Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, multiracial, or LGBTQ. Lastly, it is important to know that all students must also be U.S. citizens or green card holders. You are eligible if you study full-time, have finish 60+ college credits, uphold a minimum 3.25 GPA, and submit 3 references.


Bill Caspare Memorial Diversity Scholarship

250 Hudson Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10013

Mobile: (646) 480-5140

Mail address:

4. CA Technologies Fellowship for Women

Deadline: Varies from opening date

This is a data science scholarship particularly for women. So, at the University of Vermont, the CA Technologies Fellowship for Women is one of the most lucrative big data scholarships. It cover full time tuition of more than to $14,670 per semester. All these are for outstanding post-bachelor’s females pursuing the M.S. in Complex Systems as well as Data Science

Important Engagement in CA’s Tech Girls Rock Initiative in addition to the Anita Borg Institute for Women is inclusive. As a matter of fact, all international qualified fellows will be creative thinkers, great communicators, and high-achievers with a minimum 3.0 GPA.


CA Technologies Fellowship for Women

33 Colchester Avenue

Burlington, VT 05405

Call: (802) 565-3131

Send mail:

Scholarship Link:

5. Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data Mining Excellence

Deadline: April 2nd

This school is commonly named after the Department of Mathematical Sciences’ professor, Daniel Larose Scholarship. What is it for? It is for Data Mining Excellence confers $4,000 annually. Students can also get up to $2,000 per semester, to post-graduate at Central Connecticut State University who excel in the Masters of Science in Data Mining program.

Considerably, all big data lovers must have finished 12+ master’s credits. Also, you must have been graded “B” or better for Stat 520-Stat 527. Finally, you are expected to exhibit a strong performance as graduate assistants, and reached a cumulative 3.5 GPA (2:1).


Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data Mining Excellence

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, CT 06050

Landline: (860) 832-2852

School mail:

Scholarship Link:

6. Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program

Deadline: May 15th

Endowed by Tom and Judy Fisher, the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program opens each Spring to grant $2,000 to extraordinary graduate students in the College of Computing and Informatics who are obtaining the Professional M.S. in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Eligible Niners must be U.S. citizens, permanently live in Charlotte, have a GPA between 3.74 and 4.00, demonstrate financial need, and take 6+ credits per term.


Fisher Family Fund Fellowship Program

9201 University City Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28223

(704) 687-5871

Scholarship Link:

7. GAANN PhD Fellowship in Big Data Computing Research

Deadline: November 30th

Generally, Worcester Polytechnic Institute utilizes the U.S. Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Grant to deliver six PhD Fellowships in Big Data Computing Research each year with full tuition coverage and $34,000 stipends.

Socially, all Recipients must pursue the Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science full-time, be federal aid eligible under 34 CFR75.60. Your present exceptional academic records must be excellent. You are to have financial need, as well as possess data analytics skills.


GAANN PhD Fellowship in Big Data Computing Research

100 Institute Road

Worcester, MA 01609

(508) 831-5000

Scholarship Link:

8. HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health IT Scholarship

Deadline: April 1st

Are you looking for scholarships for data science and big data in health care? The HIMSS Minnesota Chapter is for you. They confers the Graduate Health IT Scholarship for $1,500 to master’s and $2,000 to doctoral students. All of them who are pursuing quantitative-based health informatics programs, including data analytics or data science.

Please note that all eligible full- or part-time graduates with a bachelor’s degree and minimum 3.0 GPA must be living in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Please make sure you reside in these locations seen above.


HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health IT Scholarship

33 West Monroe Street, Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60603

(630) 833-5006

Scholarship Link:

9. Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship Program

Deadline: February 1st

Funded by the NSF, the Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship belongs to the EPSCoR Hawaii Program to provide $29,148 annually. It is given to full-time graduate research assistants at the University of Hawaii-Manoa who are earning research-based master’s or doctoral degrees.

Degrees include; geoscience, data science, engineering, or Hawaiian language. These two-year big data scholarships will require working 20 hours weekly at an Ike Wai research lab on projects that ensure the Aloha State’s future water security.


Ike Wai Graduate Scholarship Program

1680 East-West Road

Honolulu, HI 96822

(808) 956-3154


10. INFORMS Analytics Society Student Scholarship

Deadline: February 13th

Partnered with SAS, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences hosts the Analytics Society Student Scholarship Competition each Spring to provide $3,000 big data awards to college students who present compelling analytical project proposals.

Winners also receive a round-trip flight, lodging, and meals for the INFORMS Annual Conference. Entrants aged 18 or older must submit a resume or vitae, two references, three short answer questions, and a five-page project summary.


INFORMS Analytics Society Student Scholarship

5521 Research Park Drive, Suite 200

Catonsville, MD 21228

(800) 446-3676

11. Jack Larson Data for Public Good Fellowship

Deadline: Varies

Started in January 2017, the Jack Larson Data for Public Good Fellowship is awarded by the School of Information at the University of California-Berkeley to honor the Haas Hall of Famer who received Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Service Award.

The program will select six students pursuing the Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) degree for the $8,500 scholarships annually. Preference is given to post-grads using big data to benefit human life.


Jack Larson Data for Public Good Fellowship

102 South Hall #4600

Berkeley, CA 94720

(855) 678-6437

Scholarship Link:

12. Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science

Deadline: June 15th

At Saint Mary’s College, the Lilly Endowment Scholarship provides $1,000 per term for $5,000 total to outstanding male or female post-grads who are pursuing the mathematically rigorous M.S. in Data Science program.

Qualified recipients must legally reside in Indiana, have graduated from an accredited Indiana college within the last 12 months, have completed two semesters of calculus, maintain a 3.0 GPA or better, and exhibit computer programming experience.


Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science

339 Madeleva Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 284-5291

Scholarship Link:

13. Milliman Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Deadline: June 1st

Scholar in this school is coordinated by Scholarship America for the Chicago Public Schools system. Milliman Opportunity Scholarship Fund awards up to $5,000 annually to minority Illinois residents of Black, Latino, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander heritage.

In addition, it include undocumented Dreamers. This scholarship eligibility depends on students’ admission into accredited, 4-year U.S.A colleges. Courses actuarial majors such as data science, data analytics, economics, statistics, mathematics, and computer science are accepted. All this can work even without a GPA requirement.


Milliman Opportunity Scholarship Fund

One Scholarship Way

Saint Peter, MN 56082

(507) 937-1682

Scholarship Link:

14. MinneAnalytics Data Science Scholarship

Deadline: Varies

MinneAnalytics is known to be a Minnesota nonprofit organisation. They have more than 10,000 members. They usually awards the Data Science Scholarship for $1,000 before selecting a grand prize winner of $5,000 in December. It is currently administered by the Minnesota High Tech Association Foundation.

Given as the big data scholarships suit undergrads and post-grads at accredited in-state universities who are pursuing analytics careers with community engagement. From our research, Past recipients attend UM-Duluth, UM-Twin Cities, and Winona State.


MinneAnalytics Data Science Scholarship

200 SE Oak Street

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 624-5747

Scholarship Link:

15. Portland DPMA Chapter Scholarships

Deadline: May 31st

Opened in the late 1990s, the Data Processing Management Association’s (DPMA) Portland Chapter lets college-bound high school seniors compete for one $1,000. Also, one $500 scholarship annually to reduce tuition at four-year Oregon or Washington institutions.

View this carefully; Acceptable IT majors include data science, data analytics, management information systems, and computer science. Note that all incoming applications mailed from Oregon or Clark County are reviewed for academic merit, career potential, financial need, and recommendations.


Portland DPMA Chapter Scholarship

P.O. Box 61545

Vancouver, WA 98666

(360) 433-6930

Scholarship Link:

16. Remote DBA Experts to Students Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

This school dates back to 2015. Since then, Remote DBA has provided $1,000 through the Experts to Students Scholarship. This is to financially support high school seniors or current college undergrads who are pursuing data-focused careers with accredited training in data science, database administration, or data analytics.

All local & international interested students meeting the minimum 2.8 GPA mark must submit an online application, cover letter, and 500-word essay projecting how data access will change by year 2040.


Remote DBA Experts to Students Scholarship

100 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1700

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(800) 818-2126

Scholarship Link:

17. Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship

Deadline: February 28th

Popularly known as the CUNY School of Professional Studies in Manhattan, awards nearly $400,000 yearly through financial aid. It also includes the Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship.

This merit-based program supports full-time students with big data career goals who are within 30 credits of completing the B.S. in Information Systems, B.S. in Health Information Management.

You can be an M.S. in Data Analytics student with a cumulative GPA above 3.0 (2:1). Finally, other options include the Eugene Walters Scholarship as well as Bob Martin Memorial Scholarships.


Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship

119 W. 31st Street

New York, NY 10001

(212) 652-2869

Send application to

18. Strong Analytics Data Science Scholarship

Deadline: June 1st

This scholarship for analytics was co-founded by Northwestern PhD grads Brock Ferguson and Jacob Zweig. Strong Analytics is a Chicago-based big data company that promotes a $1,000 Data Science Scholarship annually to post-secondary students pursuing data science careers.

Intending applicants are advised to use publicly available datasets to choose research questions, code analysis, and create PDF presentations of under 20 slides that visualize their data findings. The testing Projects will be judged on creativity, rigor, clarity, reproducibility, and methodology. Its up to you. Go and apply now.


Strong Analytics Data Science Scholarship

(312) 300-1113

Scholarship Link:

19. UNCF/Alliance Data Scholarship and Internship

Deadline: February 10th

The Alliance Data Systems Corporation is presently partnering with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to award a $5,000 scholarship annually. All this awards go to minority undergrads who are attending historically Black colleges.

The school must be for bachelor’s majors in computer information systems, IT management, computer science, data science, plus digital marketing. Some carefully selected rising juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (2:1). Better still, you will also receive stipends for summer internships in Atlanta, Plano, or Columbus etc.


UNCF/Alliance Data Scholarship and Internship

229 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2350

Atlanta, GA 30303

Scholarship Link:

20. William “Bill” Inmon Scholarship for Data Analytics

Deadline: April 28th

This institution is jointly founded by Dr. Kewal Dhariwal and Wade Walker. This collaboration makes the William “Bill” Inmon Scholarship for Data Analytics grants to be up to $2,000 annually. All this comes from the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals.

Going forward, about 3 recipients of these renewable big data scholarships will be chosen for excellence in data analytics, data mining, and data warehousing coursework at the University of Calgary. Thats not all; similar ICCP funds include the James N. Snyder Memorial Award as well as Pat Cupoli Scholarship.


William “Bill” Inmon Scholarship for Data Analytics

2400 E. Devon Avenue, Suite 281

Des Plaines, IL 60018

(847) 299-4227

Scholarship Link:–awards.html

Do you know that Data on higher education tuition can even leave data science majors astounded? Yes, its true. According to the Institute of College Access and Success, the average student faces $30,100 in post-graduation debt before interest.

However, its is important to know that the forty four million borrowers across America share an outstanding student loan debt of $1.41 trillion. This is for a mean default rate of 11.8%. Even though a website known as has a posts that says data scientists make a median annual wage of $122,258.

You will agree that taking, hefty loan bills can be challenging. Fortunately, financial aid opportunities like these scholarships for data science are growing with big data to relieve the burden for Americans.

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