10 Trends of IoT Communications Development

These are the 10 Trends in the development of IoT communications that will blow your mind. Last year, ten major trends such as the data economy, new infrastructure of Internet of Things and industrial digital transformation.

Others are 5G+ physical applications, AI computing capacity growth, and digital security will become the main trends in the development of the Internet of Things. With the continuous upgrading of technology and the development of the consumer application market With the expansion, the Internet of Things will go deeper into all aspects of public life.

1. Data Economy Innovation Promotes the Upgrading of Economic Structure

In the next five years, the digital economy will become a key driving force for economic growth. It is estimated that the scale of my country’s digital economy will exceed 60 trillion yuan in 2025. Digital industrialization provides the perception, connection, transmission, and analysis of various information elements for industrial production and smart IoT. It also provides refined and specialized data for the development of smart cities, smart lighting, smart infrastructure, and smart IoT. support.

Data economy innovation promotes the upgrading of economic structure
Data economy innovation promotes the upgrading of economic structure

2: New Foundation Constructs the Interconnection of all Things

The Internet of Things continues to solve the three major issues of fragment integration, application security, and application low-cost, which will benefit the broadband network to enter the “dual gigabit” era.

5G + dry fiber + Wi-Fi coordinated development to achieve network end to end Mega access and services, as well as computing upgrades + cloud-network-side integration, build a digital infrastructure integrating cloud, network, and edge, and accelerate the cultivation of infrastructure integrating new technologies.

For example, the smart light pole system that integrates cloud, network, and edge applications has continuously promoted smart cities to move toward road management collaboration, city logistics collaboration, business district consumption collaboration, and city perception collaboration.

New foundation constructs the interconnection of all things
New foundation constructs the interconnection of all things

3: The Combination of Technology Markets Promotes New Growth in the ICT Industry

The rapid development of new materials, new processes, new devices and new technologies in the Internet of Things industry, including edge computing chips, wireless communication modules, 5G integrated chips, smart IoT gateways, etc., is still significantly improved every year. Through various technological changes, including new architectures and new models, the ICT industry still has huge room for growth.

Digital Transformation Promotes Industrial Intelligent Development
Digital Transformation Promotes Industrial Intelligent Development

4: Digital Transformation Promotes Industrial Intelligent Development

AI, big data and other technologies will be widely used in the core and key links of production and operation and smart cities; smart products and various smart technologies will begin to go out of the laboratory and be applied and promoted in the market.

It includes smart light poles, industrial Internet of Things, Digital industry upgrade applications such as smart cities and smart manufacturing are continuously implemented; new business models centered on “industry + data + services” have gradually become major profit points.

5G applications bring forth the new, open up new demands for production and life
5G applications bring forth the new, open up new demands for production and life

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5. 5G Applications Bring Forth the New, Open up New Demands for Production and Life

In terms of network construction, 2020-2024 is a 5G scale construction period. It is estimated that by 2020 toC will cover all cities, counties and districts; toB key enterprise industry virtual private networks will reach more than 3,000. It is estimated that from 2025 to 2028, toC network will have comprehensive wide area coverage + deep coverage.

In terms of 5G applications, consumer applications have gradually matured, innovative applications have continued to grow, and new entertainment and games have become the focus of attention. By 2025, there will be more than 1,000 toC commercial applications.

In terms of industrial ecology, 5G terminals have grown steadily. From personal mobile phones to 5G IoT gateways, industry terminals “basic + customization” have developed simultaneously, such as 5G smart street light pole gateways for smart light poles and smart lighting control, and 5G The communication module supports the installation of 5G micro base stations. It is estimated that by 2025, the industry terminal will accumulate more than 2,000 models, achieving 10,000-level connections.

computing power plus algorithms, AI capabilities are further enhanced
computing power plus algorithms, AI capabilities are further enhanced

6. Computing Power Plus Algorithms, AI Capabilities are Further Enhanced

The enhancement of AI capabilities mainly presents three major development directions: diversification of learning methods, integration and development of multiple algorithms and technical branches, deep learning and brain-like theoretical systems to explore subversive innovations.

The demand for AI applications has grown significantly. Currently, it has been applied to smart streetlight gateways to perform edge computing and interconnected communications with pole-mounted devices to build an edge perception system for road IoT.

7: Satellite Network and Ground Network Promote Interconnection

Satellite Internet and ground mobile communication network complement each other. Driven by both technology and demand, the satellite Internet is developing in the direction of high-, middle- and low-orbit integration, ultra-large-scale deployment, world-earth integration networking, and inter-satellite routing and switching.

8: The Exploration and Application of Quantum Technology

In the field of quantum communication, quantum secure communication based on quantum key distribution (QKD) needs to break through the engineering and practical technical bottlenecks, and further explore and develop application scenarios. In the field of quantum computing, quantum computing is in a critical period of research and development of principle prototypes and technical verification.

In the field of quantum measurement, the development trend of quantum measurement in the five major application directions of time base, magnetic field, inertia, gravity and imaging recognition has been further focused, and it has great application prospects in basic scientific research, aerospace, national defense construction, and biomedicine.

9: Digital Governance System Reshapes the New Pattern of Global Digitalization

There are many global digital governance mechanisms and their roles are divided. Global digital governance issues are diverse and complex.

10: Digital Security is Valued, and a New Digital Security System is Developed

New infrastructure accelerates the digital transformation of vertical industries, and the cloud-network, computing-network, and chain-network integration architecture brings new demands for digital security. In the past, the security capabilities of plug-in, solidification, and loose coupling were not high.

Therefore, the integrated application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain under the new infrastructure can effectively improve the security of IoT applications. Finally, on the smart street lamp cloud platform, an encrypted communication link is built to ensure the encrypted and secure transmission of IoT data. These are the 10 Trends of IoT

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