How to View Your Most Recent Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are people who are connected to you because of the fact that you are an influencer, business owner or a celebrity. These people follow you for different reasons.

While some follow to learn about you and your business, others just follow because they want to be in on latest gist. If you look at your follower list on two different devices, you will see they are not in the same order. Instagram started doing this recently. In this article, we will show you how to see latest Instagram followers using other apps.

Can I see my new Instagram Followers?

On Instagram, it is important to note that you cannot see who someone has recently followed. While you can view the total number of followers a person has, the platform does not provide a list of their most recent followers.

The only way to accomplish this is by manually monitoring the account and keeping a record of all the people the person follows in an Excel spreadsheet. This process is really stressing and time-consuming and demands consistent attention to the person’s account if you want to see their newest Instagram followers.

Can You Sort Instagram Followers by Date?

Instagram has introduced a new feature that arranges and categorizes followers, including one that organizes recent Instagram followers into a group.

This feature is useful if you want to keep track of your followers more efficiently. Instagram has also added features to categorize both recent and oldest followers, making it easier for you to organize your followers.

However, that Instagram will not provide the exact date when someone started following you, and the platform uses vague time details like “abc” minutes ago for activity logs. Therefore, if you are looking to see your recent followers on Instagram, you can still use the method mentioned earlier by checking your followers list for the most recent additions.

How to Categorize Instagram Followers

Instagram has a feature that allows users to categorize their followers into different categories and it is a useful way to organize and manage their followers list. You can effectively separate your most recent friends from the others, thereby making it easy to engage and interact with specific groups of followers.

Since Instagram introduced a feature for categorizing followers, it has become a very helpful tool.

Instagram is full of great content, but seeing the same type of posts can get boring. This is where the Category feature comes in handy.

By default, Instagram provides two categories:

  • Accounts you engage with the least.
  • Accounts you engage with the most (likes, comments, DMs, shares).

After arranging your IG followers, you will have these two groups. This helps you see a variety of content on your feed and ensures you don’t miss out on new posts.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to see recent followers on Instagram, remember that the platform does not show the exact date someone follows you, but you can still organize them using these categories.

How to See When Someone Follows Someone on Instagram

Instagram is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms, with a massive amount of content being shared every day.

One of the reasons for Instagram’s popularity is its engaging and entertaining content. Many users on Instagram prefer to be spectators rather than active participants. They enjoy keeping up with what others are doing, tracking celebrity visits, and more.

In earlier versions of Instagram, you could easily see which accounts were following you and for how long. You could even find out the exact date someone started following you. However, this has changed.

Currently, Instagram no longer shows how long you have been following someone, and you can not see when someone started following you either. Unlike Facebook, which has a detailed Activity Tab, Instagram keeps this information private.

If you check your Activity Log on Instagram, you will notice that all activities are listed with a vague “abc” minutes ago timestamp. Instagram does not reveal the exact date and time of activities on the platform for anybody. So, if you are wondering how to see recent followers on Instagram, you won’t find this information in the Activity Log.


In conclusion, staying updated with your most recent Instagram followers is a valuable aspect of managing your social media presence. While Instagram has introduced features for categorizing followers, unfortunately, it no longer provides the exact date and time when someone started following you.

This change is in line Instagram’s commitment to user privacy and it may require you to adjust your strategies for engaging with their audience.

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