How to Know if an Instagram User Deleted their Account and Why

Are you in an investigation to determine whether someone has deleted their Instagram account and reasons behind it? It can be a challenging experience for a newbie. In this article, you will be able to tell if an instagram user deleted they app or account.

Anyways, instead of completely deleting your instagram account, there are alternative ways for users to take a break from Instagram.

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share a wide range of content with their chosen audience. Users can upload photos and videos accompanied by captions to express themselves effectively. Let’s walk yo through the guide.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted their Instagram

Here are some methods to help you determine if someone has deleted their Instagram account:

1. Check the Person’s Profile:

Take some basic steps to investigate the profile of the person who may have blocked you. Copy their profile URL and access it from a computer or another mobile device while logged into your Instagram account. If the user has deleted or deactivated their profile, you will see the message “Sorry, that page isn’t available.” However, if you are blocked, you will see a “no posts yet” label and a “User Not Found” error on the profile tab.

2. Check Using a Web Browser:

Try accessing the profile from a desktop or mobile browser without being logged into your account. Copy the URL of the profile and open it in the browser. If the profile doesn’t exist, and you see a message saying “Sorry, this page isn’t accessible,” it indicates that the person has blocked you on Instagram, rather than deactivating their account or changing their username.

3. Use Hashtags:

Search for hashtags on Instagram related to the person you suspect may have deleted their account. If you can find their profile using those hashtags but the page won’t load, it suggests that the person recently deleted their profile. This method helps provide more information about what might have happened to their account.

4. Check with the Changed Username:

If the person has changed their Instagram username, you won’t be able to find them using the previous URL. In such cases, go to your Instagram profile’s list of “Following” and search for their profile there to confirm if you’ve been blocked or not.

5. Verify Media on Your Saved List:

If you previously saved multiple posts from the person’s Instagram account, but they are no longer visible when you check, it indicates that either the person deleted the posts or blocked you. This removal of posts from that person may suggest that you have been genuinely barred on Instagram.

Remember, these methods can provide clues, but they are not foolproof. There could be other reasons for not being able to access a profile. It’s important to respect others’ privacy choices and not engage in any unwanted or intrusive behaviour.

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Why do People Delete their Instagram Account?


There can be various reasons why people choose to delete their Instagram accounts. Here are some common motivations:

1. Privacy concerns:

Some individuals may become more aware of the privacy risks associated with social media platforms and decide to delete their Instagram accounts to protect their personal information.

2. Time management:

Instagram and other social media platforms can be time-consuming. People may feel that they are spending too much time scrolling through their feeds or comparing themselves to others, and deleting their account allows them to regain control over their time and focus on more productive activities.

3. Mental health and well-being:

Social media can sometimes contribute to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, or depression. People may find that taking a break from Instagram or deleting their account altogether improves their mental health and overall well-being.

4. Distraction and productivity:

Some individuals find that social media platforms, including Instagram, are major sources of distraction that hinder their productivity. Deleting their account can help them stay focused on their goals and priorities.

5. Personal reasons:

People’s motivations for deleting their Instagram accounts can be highly personal and specific to their individual circumstances. It could be due to a desire to detach from a certain social circle, reduce online drama, or simply explore other avenues of self-expression.

6. Lifestyle changes:

Major life events such as starting a new job, becoming a parent, or entering a committed relationship can lead individuals to reassess their online presence and decide to delete their Instagram accounts.

7. Negative experiences:

Negative experiences such as online harassment, cyberbullying, or unwanted attention may prompt someone to delete their account to escape from these negative interactions.

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It’s important to note that not everyone who leaves Instagram permanently deletes their account. Some may choose to deactivate their account temporarily as a break or to reassess their relationship with the platform.

Ultimately, the decision to delete an Instagram account is highly personal and can be influenced by a combination of factors unique to each individual.

We hope this information helps you understand how to determine if someone has deleted their Instagram account.

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