14 Free Claims Management Software & System Project

Here’s our list of apps for 14 Free Claims Management Software & System Project. Filters help you narrow down the results to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can read through the Claims Processing Software Buyers Guide below before you choose a vendor. Tags; Free claims management software, healthcare, insurance, healthcare claims adjudication software, property insurance claims management system, tax, auto claims, medical claim management system project.

1. Claim Leader

Appraisal management system for insurance professionals. Claim Leader is a cloud-based appraisal management system, which assists automobile and property inspection companies with workflow optimization and dispatching. Key features include status messaging, payroll management, activity monitoring, file management, and reporting.

2. BestPT

Physical therapy billing service & practice management. BestPT enables physical therapy clinics to streamline practice activities, improve billing performance and accelerate visit documentation.

3. SmartSimple CMS360  

Medical case management for insurersSmart. Simple CMS360 is an accident benefit claims & referral management solution for medical insurance businesses, designed to bridge the gap between insurers, health care providers, & independent medical examiners. It provides features for managing medical cases, employment services, & settlements.

4. Direct Claim Solution

Claims management solution for self-insured organizations. Direct Claim Solution is a complete claims and litigation management platform designed to help claim professionals and risk managers handle property and liability claims. As a web-based platform, DCS is a collaborative platform where all service providers can access and enter information.

5. ABILITY Network

Revenue cycle management for healthcare providers and payers. ABILITY Network’s SaaS-based platform supports healthcare providers with revenue cycle management tools, clinical management, Medicare claim processing and more.

6. Adjustify

Claims processing and inspection management software. Adjustify is a video calling application that allows the claims department to connect with customers and inspect claims remotely. Schedule a call with your customer to connect digitally using the mobile app. During video calls access the customer’s phone features to capture unlimited photos.

7. Claimocity

Practice management software with claims tracking tools. Claimocity is a practice management software that helps healthcare institutes track claims, manage finances, monitor performance, collect data, and more. The front desk module enables receptionists to manage appointments, handle patient charts, and schedule facilities, doctors, and patients.

8. Series 3000

Claims administration and processing for healthcare. Series 3000 is a cloud-based claims administration solution for businesses within the healthcare industry. The customizable platform offers features such as client management, benefits input, electronic claim submissions, claims processing, real-time status tracking, ACH deposits, and more.

9. BriteCore

Cloud-based Insurance and Claims Management Solution. BriteCore combines claims administration and business process management to support the end-to-end claims process. From open to close, agents and adjusters work collaboratively and efficiently within BriteCore to process FNOL, establish reserves, upload reports, issue payments, and settle claims.

10. Conexia

Healthcare operations, billing, & claims management solution. Conexia helps healthcare organizations manage processes related to employee compensation, administration, data capturing, patient care, and more. The billing module enables enterprises to approve insurance claims, process payments, and generate electronic invoices in real-time.

11. Mize Warranty Management

Warranty management and claims processing. Mize Warrant Management is a warranty management solution that helps businesses within the manufacturing industry streamline warranty processes such as claims, registrations, returns, inspections, and more. It can be used to connect manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, dealers, and customers.

12. Smart Data Solutions

Claims management software for the healthcare industry. Smart Data Solutions is a claims management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry record and manage data for a variety of medical documents including explanation of benefits (EOB) statements, vision claims, super-bills, pharmacy receipts, and more.

13. Snapsheet Claims

Cloud-based claims management tool with automated workflows. Snapsheet Claims is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage customer communications, project workflows, historical data tracking, and other operations on a centralized platform. Staff members can send updates to all stakeholders via web-app notifications, phone calls, emails, and SMS.

14. Tavant Warranty

AI and machine learning enabled warranty management software. Tavant Warranty is a warranty management software that helps businesses manage contracts, create policies, track submissions, handle pricing, and more. Administrators can configure workflows to handle various operations, such as claims entries, service routing, and supplier contract management.

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