Which Countries Offer the Most Accessible Scholarships?

There are many countries today that will give you easy and accessible scholarships to pursue any course of study you want to. However, which countries offer the easiest and simplest scholarships?

In this publication, there is a list of five countries where you can easily get a scholarship. This will greatly improve your chances of studying abroad.

If you are facing financial difficulties, you can depend on help like material assistance, a social scholarship, or funding for outstanding achievements.

In some countries, they offer free tuition because they believe a student’s education should not rely on their parents’ financial situation.

Countries With The Most Accessible Scholarships

Countries such as Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Iceland offer international students various free or reduced tuition opportunities. However, the list below, contains a list of countries with very accessible scholarships. Fell free to read more and find out if your dream country of study is on this list.

Italy Has Accessible Scholarships

Italy, with its affordable tuition (usually ranging from €2,000 to €2,500 per year), also attracts many international students due to the opportunity to receive accessible scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay for their tuition.

Lodging expenses are quite affordable, and applicants provide information about their family’s annual income along with the required documents.

Income plays a great idea to role in scholarship eligibility and the amount awarded. Lower income increases your chances of receiving a scholarship.

If you are looking for a country that makes it easier to secure a scholarship, this is an excellent option.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, education costs nothing. The country is welcoming to international students and offers the opportunity to take Czech language classes for a year before starting university.

Foreign students can apply for language learning scholarships, and the scholarship selection process is much simpler compared to university entry requirements.

After completing the language year, a Czech entrance test is required. You can find more information about language programs on the Czech Ministry of Education’s website.

If you are wondering which country makes it easier to obtain a scholarship, the Czech Republic is an excellent choice.

France Has Accessible Scholarships

In France, most programs are free, so there’s minimal paperwork involved. You only need to write motivational and reference letters when applying for the program or requesting a state living expense subsidy.

In cases where education is not free, you can still access additional scholarships from universities and non-governmental scholarship funds.

Furthermore, every international student is eligible for a monthly partial housing reimbursement.

If you are looking for a country that makes it easier to obtain scholarships, France is an excellent choice.


If you are looking for a country where it is easy to get a scholarship, Hungary is an excellent option. The Hungarian Government Scholarship supports you at various academic levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate degrees, along with preparatory and special courses.

In addition to education, students also receive free lodging and a monthly stipends ranging from 130 to 580 euros, depending on the program they choose to study or pursue.

For residents of countries like Russia, Belarus, and others, there’s an added advantage: the opportunity to study either full-time or part-time while benefiting from a scholarship.

China Has Accessible Scholarships

If you thought scholarships were only available in Europe, think again. You can study for free in Asia, with the help of scholarships, and the best part is, you can do it in English.

One of the most famous scholarships in Asia is provided by the Chinese government, which covers all housing and academic costs. On top of that, students receive a monthly scholarship of $500 to $600.

However, it’s worth noting that you we not be able to secure a job immediately after college in China, as the new law requires two years of experience for a working visa.


In conclusion, the accessibility of scholarships varies from country to country, and the choice of where to pursue higher education can significantly impact one’s financial burden.

Throughout this article, I was able to show you, several nations that stand out in terms of offering accessible scholarships, such as the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, and China, although there are many others. Do well to embark on research to find out the others as they may offer better and more comfortable scholarship programs.

Each of these countries provides unique opportunities for international students to pursue their education with reduced financial constraints.

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