Don’ts of Costco: 10 Things You Should Never do at Costco (Employees Stories)

The Don’ts of Costco is quite long as many Costco store employees have a list of things you should avoid doing while shopping there.

In this article I will share some important points to note while shopping at Costco stores.

Firstly, knowing the do’s and don’ts of Costco stores, will help you have a smooth shopping experience.

Surprisingly, the list is quite long, as this appears that many Costco members are not aware of the rules and practices or simply choose to ignore them.

So, it is best that you know these guidelines and also respect them to make your visit easy.

Listening to employees express their dissatisfaction, gave valuable insights into their perspective on how the wholesale retailer prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of both staff and members.

When it comes to shopping behavior, there are certain things that employees wish shoppers don’t do at Costco. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas of concern to these employees.

The Don’ts of Costco 10 Things You Should Never Do

The following paragraphs are clear cut dissatisfactory behaviors shoppers exhibit which are of great concern to employees at the store.

Although they are not necessarily rules but they are steps you as a shopper can take to make employees job easy while ensuring maximum safety in the floor of the store. Below are a few Don’ts of Costco.

1. Don’t Stretch Your Membership.

An employee from Hazlet, New Jersey, shared some insights about Costco.

He mentioned that the most troublesome behavior is when people with one membership try to bring in many others.

It is essential not to misuse the membership and bring your entire extended family. The reason is that Costco’s main income comes from memberships.

So, respecting the rules helps the store provide better services and offerings.

2. Don’t cut in Front of Employees.

A common complaint from Costco employees is that some members are not mindful of their surroundings and other people in the store.

For instance, employees often have to push or pull very heavy items through the aisles.

When members cut in front of them without being aware, accidents and injuries become a concern.

An employee from San Francisco mentioned that stopping suddenly with 2,000 pounds of products can be tough if someone unexpectedly walks in front of them.

Similarly, a Costco employee from North Carolina emphasized the challenge of stopping heavy pallet jacks.

They say that the store can get busy, but it is important for members to be patient and allow employees to do their work.

Waiting for a few seconds is much safer than risking any incidents or injuries to save a few seconds of time.

3. Don’t FaceTime or Text a lot While Shopping.

While shopping, it is important to watch your steps and where you are going to. This is to ensure, you do not bump into anyone thereby causing injuries or any type of harm.

An employee from Hazlet, advises shoppers to avoid using their phones while waiting to check out at Costco. Such distractions, may result in accidents or other hazards.

4. Don’t Shop on Weekends.

The busiest time to shop at Costco is during the weekends since that is when people have more time to make bulk purchases.

However, if you want a less crowded shopping experience, consider going on a working day Monday morning or Tuesday evening.

In particular, the store in Hazlet is less crowded during these times. If possible, try to avoid shopping on the weekends to save yourself from the crowds and have a more relaxed shopping trip.

5. Don’t Arrive Just Before Closing Time.

If you enter the store shortly before closing time, the store managers have to stay beyond the regular closing hours until you finish your shopping.

However, it is necessary not to squat under the closing gates to get in. Once you are inside the store, you can continue with your shopping.

The managers may encourage you to move along quickly, but they cannot force you to leave until you are done with your purchases.

6. Do not Climb on Empty Pallets to Reach a Product.

While it may seem obvious to some, it still needs to be said, Costco members should never climb on top of empty pallets or shelves to reach products.

It is necessary to avoid such behavior for safety reasons. Employees are always available and willing to assist if someone needs help accessing a product.

So, instead of taking risks, it is best to seek assistance from the store staff when you need something that is out of your reach.

7. Do not Abuse the Return Policy.

Costco has a lenient return policy, but some people sometimes can abuse it. For example, an employee from Hazlet, NJ, shared a story about a shopper who returns a dozen of fully eaten rotisserie chickens over the course of a year. Surprisingly, the store accepted the empty carcasses for return.

8. Don’t Wait Until Dinnertime to buy the Rotisserie Chickens.

When it comes to the popular $5 rotisserie chickens at Costco, it’s best not to wait until the end of the day to pick them up.

According to the employee from Hazlet, NJ, around 5 p.m. during the dinnertime rush, there’s a massive line of people waiting for the chickens to be cooked. Once they are ready, they quickly sell out.

9. Don’t Mess up Boxes at the Front of the Store.

Costco is known for not providing shoppers with bags. Instead, they offer large black bins filled with previously used boxes at the front of the store for customers to use as needed.

However, sometimes shoppers accidentally knock down these boxes, which requires employees to restack them.

One employee from San Francisco shared that they don’t have an issue with members using the boxes, but it is important for shoppers to ask for permission beforehand to avoid any potential accidents or injuries.

10. Don’t Offer Employees Tips.

While it may feel like a kind gesture, it is not quite acceptable to offer tips to anyone at Costco.

An employee from Hazlet, NJ, explains that accepting tips could lead to a sack. Regardless of how exceptional the service may be, Costco’s policy prohibits employees from accepting tips. A thank you and see you next time is okay.

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