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Shopify is an inclusive online selling platform. It is also known as completed commerce which let you start and manage a business. Shopify is also seen as a place where you can create and develop an online store from which you can promote, sell and ship your products.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an online shop that enables users of the platform to create their own online business store which help them to manage the business store created. With the assistance of this platform, you can easily showcase your business on your store and also get customers to buy from you. You don’t need to rent a store before you will sell your products. You can be at any location and also run your online store on the platform. This is what shopify is about.

How Does Shopify Works?

“Shopify sell”works in different ways. “It retail your business which a store owner does not own. It also works with a third-party supplier who is the actual owner of the product, Also Shopify helps to host your business while you focus on marketing your business.

In addition, Shopify is also a platform that offers you multi-functional tools to build and manage your online store sells and also helps you understand everything on display and be able to sell your product on every marketing platform such as Amazon, eBay, and others.

What Is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a link or a gateway to your website or to your Shopify store platform. With these links, you can be located easier and as well and carry out your business transactions with your new customers. Sitemap has been very helpful and productive. You can copy your sitemap which is also known as your link to any social media platform. When the link is clicked, it will lead the person that clicks it to your website or your Shopify store. This is what the sitemap is all about.

Benefits of a Sitemap

There are plenty of benefits the Shopify sitemap offers to its users on the it platform. Here are some benefits.

  • You can get lots of customers to buy from you.
  • With sitemap, your store will be visible on the Shopify platform for every client to see.
  • It can be easily copied to other websites.
  • It makes access to your store quicker.
  • Makes your store to get famous.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you use the Shopify sitemap.

How to Open a Shopify Store

Selling online has never been easy. And many people really want to know the process of how to sell on Shopify. I find it so difficult to start. My interest made me to adventure into finding a solution on how to sell on online. And today all I need to know about selling on line with Shopify store platform is understood. As we have everything you need to know about running a successful business, Open the Shopify website at

  • When the site loads, click “Start a free trial”.
  • Enter your email address, password, and store name in the text fields provided.
  • Choose what you are selling, your current revenue, and who you’re setting up the store for.
  • Follow the on-screen guides to complete your store setup

That it you have opened your Shopify store online.

  • Open your Shopify store and login
  • The address above the page in the address bar, copy it.
  • Now you can now access any social platform and paste your store link.

After this, anybody can now visit your store and easily buy from you. Before you can do this you must be a user on the platform.

How to Copy Your Shopify Store Link

Copying a Shopify store link isn’t a problem at all, below are guild for doing that.

  • First, you open your browser or Chrome on your device.
  • Visit www.
  • Click on the “Start free trial” button at the top of the screen.
  • Make sure you enter properly your email and your password, as well your store name.
  • Also make sure the store is still in existance and activictly in use
  • Proceed by clicking on store below the boxes.
  • Then your store creation will be successful.
  • You fill in the important details.
  • Your name, address, apartment, city, country, state, phone number, zip or postal code, enters any of your personal websites.
  • Then click on “Enter my store”.

Sell on Shopify Online Store

All this builds a custom storefront to offer a sale on the external website, mobile apps, and video games.

  • The first step, create your online store website.
  • Rightly Choose what product to sell.
  • After which you have done that, Pick the right domain name.
  • Also make the payments into your bank account by selecting your shipping method, to promote and market your online store to grow your business.

After doing this and you want to know more, you can actually visit the Google play store or any of the play store to make research on the areas of your choice For more ideas and details.

Importance Of The Shopify Online Store

The Shopify shops have a lot of importance in the life of the users on the platform. I will like to tell you about some importance this Shopify shop has. Here are some lists to consider.

  • It create awareness in reaching your customers easily.
  • Let’s create your own theme or design on the platform.
  • You can order any item of your choice.
  • View your analytics.
  • Can create a blog post.
  • You can possibly see the customers you are selling your products to.
  • Explore other apps on the platform.
  • View your discounts too.
  • Also You can as well see more pages.

These are some of the importance the platform shop has. To enjoy these features or importance you will need to be a registered member and create your own store on the platform.

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