Four Types of AI Artificial Intelligence in Technology Trends

For those researchers looking for different types of AI (Artificial Intelligence), you must know that AI is divided in various types. But, there are mainly 2 types of main categorization which are based on the capabilities and functionality of AI. The diagram below gives a full explanation of the types of AI.

Types of Artificial Intelligence
Types of Artificial Intelligence based on the capabilities and functionality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) type-1: Based on Capabilities

1. Narrow AI or Weakness AI:

  • The Weakness AI is a specific type of AI that is always able to perform a dedicated job with intelligence. Narrow AI is among the most common and currently available AI in the technology of Artificial Intelligence.
  • One downside is that the Narrow AI cannot perform beyond its field or limitations. Why? This is because it is only trained for one specific job. This is the reason it is known as the weak AI. Furthermore, the Narrow AI can fail/disappoint in unforeseeable ways if it goes beyond its limitations.
  • A good example of Weak AI is the Apple’s OS Siri. Notwithstanding, it operates with a limited pre-defined range of functionality.
  • Another example which comes under the Narrow AI is the IBM’s Watson supercomputer. It makes use of an Expert system approach together-with with Machine learning as well as natural language processing.
  • On the long run, some other examples of Narrow AI are playing chess in a computer and purchasing suggestions on e-commerce site. Self-driving cars, speech recognition, and image recognition as also among the list of examples.

2. General AI:

  • As the name implies, the General AI is a type of intelligence that can efficiently perform any intellectual task like a human being.
  • The general AI has a great idea to make a system that could be faster, smarter and think like humans on its own.
  • As of now, there is no such existing perfect system that can be listed under the general AI. Why? Simply because they cannot perform any task as perfect as a human being.
  • Conversely, researchers around the globe are presently focusing on building machines with General AI.
  • Since computer systems as well as machines with general AI are still under serious research, users has to wait. This is because it will take so much time & efforts to develop such systems.

3. Super AI or Strong AI:

  • The Super AI is a high level of Intelligence of Systems in which machines could exceed human intelligence. Therefore, they are able to perform any task more better than human with observation properties. All these are an outcome of general AI birthing strong AI.
  • Secondly, a list of the major characteristics of strong AI include the ability to think, to reason & solve the puzzle. They can also make judgments, plan, learn, as well as communicate by its own.
  • Note that the Super AI is still at the stage of theoretical concept of Artificial Intelligence. That is to say that the development of such systems in life is still a globally changing task.
Super AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Type-2: Based on Functionality

1. Reactive Machines AI

  • Reactive machines are purely the most basic types of Artificial Intelligence.
  • This type of AI systems do not accumulate experiences or past memories for future actions.
  • Reactive machines only focus on immediate framework and react on it as per possible best action.
  • One important example of reactive machines is IBM’s Deep Blue system.
  • Lastly, Google’s AlphaGo is also a nice example of reactive machines.

2. Limited Memory AI

  • Just as the name implies, it can store some data for a short period of time. Therefore, limited memory machines can store past experiences.
  • Downside is that these machines can use stored data for a limited time period only. Therefore, data can be lost for new ones to be stored again.
  • Autonomous vehicles known as self-driving cars are one of the best examples of Limited Memory systems. These autonomous cars can store recent speed of nearby cars. It can also ascertain the distance of other cars, speed limit, as well as other information to navigate the expressway.

3. Theory of Mind AI

  • Machines with theory of Mind AI is expected to be able to understand the human emotions. It can read people’s feelings, beliefs, and be able to interact socially like human beings.
  • However, this type of AI machines are still not developed. The good thing is that researchers are working tirelessly to develop and improve such AI machines.

4. Self-Awareness AI

  • The Self-awareness AI is the future of Artificial Intelligence in technology. It is expected that these machines will be super intelligent more than man. They will have their own consciousness, sentiments, & self-awareness.
  • As can be seen above, these machines will be smarter than human mind.
  • Lastly, the Self-Awareness AI does not currently exist in reality still and it is a theoretical concept.

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