Canada Work Permit Visa Approval for Express Entry to Ottawa – Immigration Officer Guide

This is a guide on How to get Canada Work Permit Visa & Express Entry to Ottawa, Canada. Its a complete Guide to Canada Immigration travel and tour. Let me ask a question; what is a travel visa? The Wikipedia page explains visa as a document of conditional authorization granted by a form or process of civil government or constitution to a foreigner that allows them to enter, remain within, or to leave its territory. There are different types of visa. Depending for your reason of travel to another country, you will be needing a different type of visa for entry. For better explanation, see the Canada Visa Application and Immigrant Opportunities for Tourism, Work Permit, Business Visa & Scholarship.

Canada Work Permit Visa for this year: Apply Online Now

Now that you are ready to apply for a visa, its important to know that there are 2 types of Canadian work permits. The first one is an open work permit while the second one is employer-specific work permit. You have to be aware that this is different from your travel visa which allows you to enter the country. As a matter of fact, you’ll be required to obtain both before you make the move to apply.

The visa processing times for work permits vary depending on where you are applying from. This is applicable whether or not you’ve submitted a complete application online. Meanwhile, bear in mind that applications that are incomplete may be delayed or completely rejected. Therefore, please ensure to get help if you’re not sure about anything. Most importantly, ensure you know how to fill in the application form correctly. Always know the right supporting documents need to be submitted in the application.

If you are not currently sure about how to go about the whole process? You have not problem as far as you are reading this. There are some government approved and trusted RCICs (Regulated Immigration Consultants) who usually publish guides on this website to guide you through the whole process. this will help take the stress out of applying for your Canadian Work permit.

All you have to do now is to directly click the application links below to start your journey. Furthermore, just keep reading this post to find out how to apply in 3 simple steps. Oh yes! You can get your Canadian work permit and join the thousands of newcomers who can now call Canada home.

How to Get Your Work Permit for Canada in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Work Permit

Employment is important for a work permit application to pull through. But the type of work permit you are going to apply for depends precisely on the nature of your job employment. As can be seen on the explanation above, there are 2 types of work visas: viz

  • Open Work Permit – First, this type of visa allows you to work for any employer in Canada; and
  • Employer-specific Work Permit – Secondly, this allows you to work according to specifications set out in your work permit. In short, this includes your employer’s name, length of work permit as well as your location of employment.

Take this example for better understanding. If you are an international student and have recently completed your higher qualification at one of Canada’s DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions), you have a better opportunity. In order words, if you would like to apply to stay in Canada through the Post Graduate Work Permit Program, an open work permit would be the best choice. The PGWPP will allow you to live and work anywhere in Canada. From here, you can gain enough Canadian work experience to be able to apply for permanent residency. Find & Apply for Scholarships —It’s Free Money for College Education, Degree & Post Graduates.

If by any chance you are an agricultural worker, for e.g.,  you would need an employer-specific work permit. Why? Its simply because you will only be able to work for a specific company in a particular area/province or territory.

Whats the Difference Between an Open Work Permit and a Closed Work Permit in Canada?

This is a simple & straight for answer. An open work permit allows a foreign worker to come to Canada and work for any employer or any position.On the other hand, a closed work permit allows an immigrant worker to work for a particular employer.


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The Secrets to Getting an Open Work Permit: Are You a Good Candidate?

Depending on the specific situation at hand, there are various ways you can obtain and qualify for an open work permit.

  1. First and foremost, if you are a permanent resident applicant who has previously held a work position in Canada that will end before your application is approved, you may get a Bridging Open Work Permit. This will allow you to “bridge” the time in between the previous permit expiring and obtaining permanent resident status without having to leave the country. However, you must ensure you qualify to do so.
  2. Secondly, young & vibrant workers who qualify for programs like working holiday may use the open work permit to gain experience working and living in Canada. Meanwhile, you must first make sure, that your country of origin is included in participant eligibility program. Lastly, you must personally meet all criteria.

Looking on the bright side, in whatever way you personally qualify for an open work permit, it is important to make sure you meet all the basic requirements for living in Canada. You are to ensure that all documentation must be accurate, up to date and in order. Note that inadmissibility for any number of factors can still come into play. So be careful and smart.

Going forward, if you have any basic questions about the open work permit, feel free write your question in the comment section. Additionally, if you are a candidate for an open work permit and would like professional assistance, we personally encourage you to hire an immigration lawyer for more updates. Also, you can fill out the free online assessment form on this website through the contact page. In addition, you later book a consultation with our team members, so that we can determine how we can best assist your plans!

Step 2: Check Your Eligibility

Eligibility is important in an application process. This is key so as not to fill an application form that you are not eligible for. With that in mind, there are a number of requirements that need to be met in order to be considered eligible to live and work in Canada. In the long run, to apply for a work permit you must:

  • First, be sure to be able to prove that you will leave Canada once your work permit has expired;
  • You will need to have proof of funds to support yourself and your family members for your stay in Canada as well as to return home;
  • As an applicant, you need to have a clear criminal record;
  • All applicants has to be in good health(you may be required to submit a medical exam); and
  • Lastly, make sure that your employer is eligible to employ you(you may need an LMIA to apply).

Eligibility requirements for all applicants

As mentioned earlier, there are specific requirements you need to meet depending on where you are when you apply for your work permit.

Never the less, no matter where you apply from or which type of work permit you apply for, you must fulfil the following:

  • The first thing is to prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires
  • Then you have to show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada and to return home
  • After that, its necessary to obey the law and have no record of criminal activity (we may ask you to give us a police clearance certificate),
  • Show the authorities that you are not be a danger to Canada’s security
  • You have to be in good health and have a medical exam, if needed
  • No matter what, you will not plan to work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible” on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions
  • Again, you will not plan to work for an employer who, on a regular basis, offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages, and
  • Finally, give the officer any other documents they ask for to prove you can enter the country legally

Step 3: Submit Your Application

As for now, one of the best way to apply for your Canadian work permit is online. Just visit the official Canada application website to apply. This way you will avoid any extra charges including courier fees. It will considerably also reduce your application time. Furthermore, you will also avoid any delays, especially if additional supporting documentation is requested from you. In fact, it also ensures that your application is done completely.

Do not forget that the processing times usually vary depending on your country of origin. Additionally, it can range anywhere between 2 to 33 weeks.

On the other hand, it is, however, important to note that your processing time can be reduced if you use an accredited RCIC. this also helps because it indicates that your documents have already been verified.

Non the less, processing times can also be delayed if you do not submit a complete application. Be aware that an incomplete submission will often be returned and you may be required to attend an interview with officials in your home country. You can even be requested to resubmit your application with extra hard copy supporting documentation.

Why you should apply online for Canada Visa

  • You wont bother for courier fees or mail delivery time – you your application instantly.
  • Your online applications may be processed more quickly than usual.
  • As an applicant, you can avoid processing delays. Incomplete applications are returned to you. Applying online helps ensure your application is complete before you submit it.
  • Yes, if we need to ask for more documents, you can quickly submit them online.
  • You don’t need to upload or submit your international passport until it is requested for.
  • Finally, you can get new updates on the status of your application directly in your online account.

Online Application Form. Click Here To Apply.

It’s been Approved!

After your Canadian work permit has been approved by the consular, you will receive an official letter that proves that you are now legally able to live and work in Canada. It is important because you will have to provide this to the immigration officer when you enter the country. But please note that this letter is not your actual work permit at all.

You will receive your work permit once you arrive in Canada, which will clearly state:

  • One; the type of work you are allowed to do;
  • Two; who you can work for;
  • Three; where you are allowed to work; and
  • Four; the length of time you are able to work for.

We advise you to stay safe. Wear a face mask while traveling. Spread the love to everyone. All the best.

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