We Collect App Login Page for WeTransfer Large Files

collect.bywetransfer.com is the official webpage for We collect App Login. However, I will show you how to download and use the WeCollect app. With the Android and iOs app, you will be able to save everything that inspires your ideas. Oh yes! they are all available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Meanwhile, you can still try Wetransfer Desktop for PC. We Collect is the perfect way to store both the motivation and favourite products in one place for the artistic professional.

Question: Is the collect app free of charge? Yes it is. As a matter of fact, you can copy, organise, and upload something for free, whether it’s a connection, a picture, a video, or a song.

WeCollect Login: Add URLs & any type of Media

Users can amazingly add any form of media, using the correct URLs. Therefore, put amazing content from all of your apps together in one place. If you want to save a YouTube video or video clip, an online post, or an email attachment, add it to Collect.

Add any form of media, using the correct URLs

Organize ideas into boards

Make a board with your thoughts. We can finally say farewell to discarded notes, bookmarks and screenshots. Beautiful boards will support you with making sense of the knowledge you gather and visualising your thoughts.

You can now Organize ideas into boards

Take your ideas everywhere

Carry your feelings with you everywhere you go. You’ll still have everything you need while working on your ideas with Collect on your tablet, iPad, and (soon) laptop.

Take your ideas everywhere

Share and collaborate

Collaborate and share thoughts with others. Share the information you’ve gathered (if you want to). Simply submit a connection to your squad, and they will be able to browse or delete your forums. We Collect App Login Page for WeTransfer Large Files.

You can Carry your feelings with you everywhere you go.

Declutter your Web browser

Clear all the garbage (cache) in your browser. Close all the tabs you promised yourself you’d come back to later. Save directly from Chrome to the Collect app, and you’ll have everything in one place, ready to go anytime you need it.

Click the icon to save the whole page.
Right-click to save text, images, and more.

Collect by WeTransfer – Apps on Google Play

Beautifully obvious tools to keep your ideas. Moving WeTransfer, Collect, Paper, Paste  and WePresent. Get the Collect app on Google Play Store.

‎WeTransfer on the Mac App Store – App Store

As a macOS user, you can transfer 2GB of files or folders safely and seamlessly around the world for free. Secondly, simply log in to WeTransfer Pro to send up to 20GB at a time. Using the app on your Apple iPad and iPhone makes it easier to send large files and documents. All you have to do is to give it a try and thank me later.

Get the Collect app on iOS App store.

How to save files from Collect to your device (iOS)

If you want to save your files from Collect to your iOS computer, simply follow these steps:

  1. You’ll see the opportunity to pick each picture you want to save if you press and hold down on any file in an open board, your Sort later, or your All things.
  2. Tap ‘Export’ after you’ve determined which files you want to save.
  3. You’ll see a new menu where you can choose if you want to save your files. On your phone or in iCloud, you can choose an activated programme or a folder.
How to save files from Collect to your device (iOS)

Clip: How to save files from Collect to your device (iOS)

You should search the default download location if you’re not sure where you’ve saved your files. The Photography software is for photographs and videos.

It’s as easy as that! Your file has now been saved to your device, and you can use it as you wish.

WeCollect Merchant Apps Console

Go to apps.wecollect.com to get the mobile app. After that, please enter your merchant username and password. Email: Password: Login. Forgot Password. Login. For more updates, send an email to info@wecollect.com.

How do I use WeTransfer collect?

Simply download the Collect app and begin creating your boards! Simply press the ‘Share’ button from either the board summary or the board itself when you’re done. When you’ve already done so, a window will open with two choices for sharing. This is known as sharing boards with Collect by WeTransfer Support. We Collect App Login Page for WeTransfer Large Files.

Trouble downloading and opening

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