How I Got My First USA Foreigner Visa without Sponsorship

Three years ago, I set a personal challenge to gain professional experience in the USA, with a Foreigner visa potentially for several years.

Upon conducting research, I realized that working in the USA required obtaining a work visa, which in turn necessitated securing a job and finding a sponsor for the visa.

The initial step for anyone looking for entry into the US is to secure employment. Subsequently, you must identify a sponsor for your visa. Once these steps are completed, you can make arrangements to move to the US.

This guide will outline the process of obtaining a job in the USA that includes securing a visa sponsorship tailored to your specific circumstances, qualifications, citizenship preferences, and expectations.

Join me as we discuss how you can accomplish the goal of obtaining employment in the USA using my experience.

Finding a Job with USA foreigner Visa is so easy with the right Requirements.

In any of the four scenarios mentioned earlier, you might find yourself facing a significant roadblock. In fact, about 90% of failures in securing a job in the USA as a foreigner stem from a common mistake. If you have encountered the challenges mentioned earlier, you might be making this very mistake: applying without proper targeting.

Before even considering crafting, your American resume and applying for jobs in the USA, it is crucial to pinpoint the right job openings and companies that align with your goals.

However, targeting jobs within your field is not sufficient. You must grasp the fact that only a small percentage, potentially as low as 5%, of companies in the US are willing to sponsor you for a work visa. This percentage may be even lower depending on your specific circumstances, qualifications, and the job opportunities available.

So, let us start by defining your objectives, understanding what you can realistically expect based on your situation, profile, and aspirations. This forms the foundation of your American endeavor.

Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can then proceed to construct your application, identify the right companies to target, and approach them effectively.

But before moving further into this process, there is something important I want to say; know what you’re travelling for. Make sure you have a clear reason for applying for the visa. Do not lie in your application form. Provide the right answers to all questions. Get all the required documents for the type of visa you are applying for. If you have done all these right, then let’s move to the next stage.

What kind of job can I get with the Visa.

Some of you may already have a clear career goal in mind, and that is fantastic Knowing the specific job you want in the US puts you in a great position. You have a clear direction for your job search, and you can target the exact type of job openings you are interested in. Your career path is already well-defined, and you can skip ahead to the section titled “What I Will Get.

However, if you don’t have a clear plan yet, please refrain from saying you are willing to do anything to be in the US. That, in itself, is not a career plan. I have heard that sentiment quite frequently, and I understand that your ultimate goal is to gain experience in the USA. But before anything else, you need a CAREER PLAN!

I found myself in the same situation when I was searching for a job in the USA. Initially, I was open to various job opportunities, not just those in my field. I applied for positions in sales, marketing, and more. However, I soon realized that this approach was not leading me anywhere.

Therefore, it is a great idea to focus on what you are passionate about and the skills you possess. Where do you envision yourself working? What skills do you currently possess, and which ones do you need to further develop? These are critical questions to ask yourself while planning your visa interview.

How to Get a Job in the USA with a Foreigner visa.

If you are feeling weary of your current job and contemplating a career change, a well-thought-out career change plan could be your solution. However, it is essential to map out the path you envision for yourself to achieve your ultimate goal. Shifting to a role that aligns with your existing skills or moving into something new you are eager to learn can serve as a stepping stone on your journey toward your ultimate objective.

Throughout this journey, keep your goals and motivations for your future and professional path at the forefront of your mind. These objectives should be realistic, based on your existing expertise and abilities.

You may need to concentrate on setting both academic and work-related goals to leverage your knowledge and skills effectively. While volunteering demands a commitment of time, it can be an excellent choice when you aim to refine skills that you have not had the opportunity to use in your current job.

You have to make a choice before you access the USA Foreigner Visa

Now that you have identified your desired career path, it is crucial to assess whether it aligns with the US job market, especially for foreigners. Remember, you do not yet possess a work visa, which means you cannot apply for jobs indiscriminately.

To determine if your profile and aspirations are compatible with the US job market, especially for foreigners, you must first identify the types of visa for which you may be eligible. Subsequently, you can identify companies within your field that have job openings and are capable of sponsoring you for the specific visa you require.

Normally, I tell my friends for example, that they should try to uderstand their eligibility for different types of visa. Why? Because the approach to target companies and your interaction with them will vary significantly depending on the visa category that aligns with your aspirations, your individual circumstances and qualifications, and the career plan you have just listed out. No doubt all what I have said in this visa guide will go a long way in helping you plan your visa interview. I wish you best of luck.

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